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A website I wish I had never found out about is an e-commerce clothing store called Planet Blue. Planet Blue has a few stores in Southern California, only offering some of their clothing and accessories, but the main goodies are on its website. The super-chic, bohemian clothing line is unique and difficult to pass up… even though most of their merchandise is very expensive.

The Audience and Interface

Planet Blue tends to a very specific audience. Young women who consider their style as bohemian is the main target. From beach outfits to winter clothes and even to formal dress, Planet Blue has a unique variety of clothing that is not offered at many of places. They pair their high end clothing line with a large selection of accessories, including belts, hats, jewelry, and shoes. Planet Blue specializes in what is called “festival clothing” and Because their selection is so unique and high end compared to other e-commerce websites, they can charge a great deal for their products. And because most of their audience is familiar with the styles they sell, they are very profitable.

The website is set up in way where the customer is warmly greeted, and the business is working on marketing. When a person visits the page for the first time, a welcome message or promotional ad will ask for the user’s email to keep them up to date with fashion blogs and latest trends. When the user is taken to main page after this message, they are given the option to shop new trends, shop based off their personal blog, shop based off what celebrities wear from them, or shop based on a category of clothing (tops, bottoms, accessories, etc.). With beautiful models and celebrity and big music festival endorsements, it’s hard to pass up on their unique items. The website moves very smoothly, with many photos from each angle of their online merchandise. Their photos are stunning and make all of their merchandise seem very appealing, regardless your body type or current style. When you add an item to your shopping cart, a small box asks if you want to checkout or continue shopping, and most of the time I would bet people decide to continue shopping.

The checkout process is very simple and Planet Blue will offer to store multiple credit cards and addresses to make the process require even less effort. This is an extremely profitable tactic because when something can easily be bought with a few clicks, rather than putting in heaps of information, the buyer is likely to do it without regarding the cost as much as they normally would. Planet Blue also provides the benefit of free returns for all packages, and this sets them apart from many other retailers. Their customer friendly buying process combin


ed with their unique products make it nearly impossible to not shop with them.



The Design Elements 



Planet Blue offers a warm and giddy feel to their website through their design. The front

page of their website offers a beauty pictures with models enjoying the sun and relaxing. While shopping the website makes use of white space with he whole background being white and their headings black and their classic logo in light green.  This creates a sense of professionalism and does not overwhelm the user with processing too much. There are pages and pages filled with a large picture and small title of what the item is. The photos are titling are all very cohesive and improve click rates through quick view options.




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