Course Reflection

What’s Next

As we come to a close in the course, there’s so many intangible skills that I know I will take with me as I head into the job market. On completion of the course, I find that I am clearly a more concise, effective writer. I have only had formal training in writing think pieces, story telling, and persuasive writing; all of which need some fluff writing. Professional business writing at it’s core does not share this style in the slightest. In a bustling business world, you first and foremost want your writing read, and to do so you must keep in mind the time everything takes. The last thing your coworkers want to do is read a 2 page email, that could’ve been 3 paragraphs. 

Other than strictly writing techniques, the real world practice using sites like LinkedIn to build a 

Linkedin_circle.svg_.pngprofessional social media page where my skills can be seen and even requested by business people all over the world were some of the assignments I found most beneficial to my future. I also have never used or hear of a cover letter for a resumé, but after creating one in this class I can proudly present both a resumé and cover letter proudly.

Protecting My Brand

Before participating in this course I was privy to the level of sensitivity needed when conducting yourself in a professional manner, but through this course I feel I’ve learned some nuances of my branding. 

In a digital age, it almost matters more how you conduct yourself over the internet, than in face-to-face interactions because the internet is written in pen. There is no take backs, or do overs and that’s why you must learn to think of your social media sites as branding avenues, rather than a place to interact with friends. Thousands of people lose their job each year, to this factAside from from my social media strategies, I’ve learned how to write in a style that is reflective of me, but remain professional. My writing in the Organizational Unit, was a place where I feel like I could showcase these new skills.

Where I Excelled

I really enjoyed the Website of the Organizational Unit, and Portfolio B. Being a computer guy, it was more fun than work to have the opportunity to theme and organize a website. I feel our website has a clean finish and I’m very proud of the work we did there. It was a bit of a challenge using WordPress as a editing and theming tool. I found that a lot of the menu information was repetitive and hard to flip through to find the right settings, but that work makes the end product that much sweeter; and the A grade helps as well!

Portfolio B felt like the assignment with the most real world application and for that reason I found it to be one of the most important parts of the course. I enjoyed being able to create a new resumé from the previous one I was using. It allowed me to take from my old one, refine, and produce a better product which I know I can count on to be beneficial in the future. Doing the Personal Branding questionnaire was just as key in the process, because it allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and how to gear both of these to an idea of how you can be an asset to a company. This whole course I would say is for more or less about realizing yourself as an asset to the world, and how to increase the value of your brand.


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