Happy Trails

On deck

This class has helped me prepare for the job market by giving me strategies and ideas for creating and “marketing” an effective resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.  I’ve also created a branded website, but honestly, it’s not effectively projecting my brand (as it stands now), and it’s not something I plan to improve on or promote.  Since I’ve been working for some years, I already have a personal brand (reputation), but not one I necessarily put any thought into or tried to cultivate – for the most part.  I plan to tighten up exactly what my brand is within the next month or two, start researching compatible opportunities by September, and living the dream by early 2018.railroad-1701738_1920

I went “deep” for this class and could fill several blogs with thoughts on the assignments, and new questions still rattling around my head.  For the purpose of this blog this class helped me discover 2 fundamental personal truths: 1) I am still teachable and capable of passing upper division (online) courses 2) my current brand (reputation) does not necessarily match the brand I would choose.

This was not only the first college course I have taken in a couple of decades, this was my first ever online course. By passing I have proven to myself that I can be open to learning and able to overcome some deeply rooted, bad habits.  My reputation is not necessarily bad, but much of it I believed was expected of me to be successfully employed; everything stereotypical to a low to mid-level corporate associate.  I still have not completely figured out the brand I want to project, but I have identified a few discrepancies with what I am now projecting.

Professional mirror

mount-hood-72366_1920At the very base; I learned I need to take an active part in portraying myself in the professional world.  Every interaction – written, verbal, visual, or otherwise – should promote or enforce my personal brand, and that will require a mental “check-point” before I do, say, or write anything.  I would like to continue to project the fact that I am a punctual, engaged, collaborative, supportive, and fair leader who leads by example and with experience and wisdom.  I would like to de-emphasize that at times I can be boisterous, demanding, reckless, and sarcastic.


My writing style is definitely my own, and I, personally, like many elements of it.  I like to use uncommon words, high impact words and formatting, exaggeration, and liberal use of punctuation (in an effort to effect tempo and cadence).  I currently write everything for myself – the way that sounds pleasing to me and pleasing to my ears in my “out-loud” voice. Alliteration is my absolute, all-time favorite literary tool, and I have always thought that the effort it took to craft my writing conveyed thoughtfulness and respect. It may have, but I have learned that intended perception may have come at the cost of my message, and am working to tailor my style more towards the audience and purpose.

Crushed it

I think I have excelled at revisions.  The first version of something I write is soooooo farquality-500951_1920 from what I end up with; every time I read through it something gets changed.  Sometimes a word is changed, or removed entirely.  Sometimes an entire sentence will be reworded or moved around the paragraph. And still other times, I am moving around, re-writing, or painfully deleting entire paragraphs.

I confirmed I am an absolute master of time management and an insufferable procrastinator; but I think I now know why (or at least have another justification).  Procrastination prevents me from editing myself into trouble and go to deep; it prevents me from over-thinking myself.  I am never, never completely satisfied with work I submit to anyone for any reason, and working right-up until a deadline determines the final, final version for me.


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