Mission Started!

What a whirl wind course. As I grow older, time flies by faster and faster. I am glad that I am just now starting my sophomore year and have a little bit more time to prepare for the so-called, “real world.” My goal for this up and coming school year is to find some sort of internship and gain some more experience to put on my resume. I realized through some of the Lynda lectures that I need to be much more careful of what I put out into the crazy online world. I am much more conscious of myself and my personal brand. I plan not only on filtering the things that I post and put out there but directing them to a certain audience. My friends know me, but the people that don’t, might not understand some of the things I previously would post. Their first impression of me could be my social media. I will take them into account before posting and make sure that if it was somebody’s first impression, that they would be eager to meet me.

This course has taught me many new skills, time management, professionalism, group work, problem-solving to name a few. Right off the bat in my group project, we had a member drop, and soon thereafter, we had another one drop. A lot of the course load was put on my shoulders and my partners. After a few days, our communication got better and better until the point where we knew what each other was doing every day and the work load and stress level decreased. Even though this seems unfortunate, I’m glad that it happened. I feel that it made me use and developed all of the skills that we learned even more. I communicated with the Allison, more and practiced my professional email writing, I really had to work hard with my time management skills and balance work and school along with fun. I feel that my group project was much more realistic than it would have been had we had all members.

I really enjoyed business/professional writing. In high school, I loved writing lab reports because it was simple, direct and full of data. For the most part, I found business writing to be like a lab report, only with a simple salutation at the beginning and end of the message, and maybe some filler in there too. Prior to this course, I wrote my emails to sponsor or professors, people who were above me, or whom I respected, unknowingly, very unprofessional. I have completely changed this and now even my text messages are professional.

I feel that after taking this class, as a sophomore, I will have a leg up on some of the competition. I have made a resume, that I can either add onto or leave as is and give to people. My communication and the way I communicate with people is much more professional than those who have not taken this course. I have completed a realistic group project, that if I needed to show someone, I would feel confident and proud. I hope that these new skills will be evident when talking to interviewers, professors, and even friends.

open door.jpegLooking ahead into the fast-approaching future, I feel more prepared for it than when I first entered writing 3040. I understand the immense amount of work that I am going to have to do in order to get where I want to be in life, and I have gathered some new skills, techniques, tips, and tricks to help get me there. I plan on using all of the material we covered, Lynda lectures and voice lectures to help me accomplish my goals.

– Casey Rehrer


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