Summer Class in Review

Looking back to the beginning of this summer session I can’t help but be thankful for all of the challenging aspects I had to overcome. Not only was this my first online and summer class, it was also my first time coordinating a group project with people living in different areas of the world. Like any great learning experience, I have many things that I plan to use again in the near future.

Personal Branding

As a soon to be senior, I have multiple plans in the area of personal branding and bringing my brand to the quickly approaching job market. One of the most important aspects of personal branding I realized through this course is that I must capitalize on my strengths and improve on my weaknesses. To have an effective personal brand that represents me to the fullest, I learned that I must first realize what defines me or what I want to be defined as.

However, I soon learned on paper this sounds a lot easier than you would think (at least for me it did). To really make my brand believable and cohesive I took the approach of using a more honest approach in how I felt my brand was currently being utilized. Now in the upcoming job market, I plan to portray my brand as a more confident and determined one.

On a day-to day aspect, without this class I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to sharpen my personal brand in the aspect of how to interact with people on a daily basis. This can be simple things such as being respectfudirectionl of people’s time with concise emails to having higher quality work to present to my bosses. Another way I plan to portray a more confident personal brand in the job market is valuing a stronger first impression with people and capitalizing on these situations to meet new influencers.

Professional Portrayals (Writing and Otherwise)

In a professional setting, I soon realized early on in this class that my writing and presentation skills needed work. Some of my early realized mistakes mostly had to do with my interactions over email. I learned to be mindful of how I present information to professors in a professional manner rather than viewing them more as a peer.

Furthermore, I learned that in the professional world I must portray my resumes and cover letters with a more conversational, but also professional tone. I previously believed that using a professional only tone was used in cover letters, however, a conversation tone can help separate and differentiate myself from the competition if done well.

New Writing Styles

Concerning the new writing styles I learned from this course, one area that I found a lot of future value in was the authentication of using more voice in my writing. People hardly read things fully anymore (myself included). In this course, I learned to utilize different headings, links, and pictures to make a deeper impact and interest in what I was trying to portray to the readers while using stronger voice.

In addition, I learned to love separating my ideas in more readable and less jumbled paragraphs. Not only does this make the reader’s experience more favorable, it also makes my writing less likely to get lost from the main points.

Where I (Thought) I Excelled

Where I believe I excelled in this course mostly has to do with my time management. I’m usually a big time procrastinator. However, this class forced me to keep on top of assignments to not miss vital deadlines. I hope to use my time management skills in my future classes as well.

So session A 2017 appears to be coming towards a close. Looking back, I’m thankful for the opportunity and experience that this class has brought to my youthful learning.