The Future… Your Guess is as Good as Mine

Balancing my Two Differing Personality Attributes  

Throughout the duration of this class, I have gone through a number of changes. Beginning in New Zealand at the tail end of a life changing experience and ending in my college-turned-home town of Boulder with old friends. These transitions played a large role in my approach to socializing, eating, adventuring, and a whole number of lifestyle habits and preferences. All along the way, however, my approach to my future and aspirations in career development remained constant. The thought provoking course work I completed in class simultaneously confirmed and denied what I was always so sure of in my future.

In determining my personal brand, I found that it was across the board from dirty, occasionally vulgar, outdoor inclined hippy to a clean cut professional with a number of career aspirations. Throughout the personal branding unit, I found it difficult to decide between the two and determine what was a more authentic. While the occasionally vulgar element could go, I determined I more genuinely sway in the direction of the Anna that hasn’t washed her hair since the last time she got a free sample of shampoo.


How I Plan to Find Balance


Redirecting this brand in a professional way is not an easy feat but I feel that finding a bridge between the two is my most authentic personal branding approach.  To prepare for the job market, I plan to research examples of people who have succeeded in finding this balance. In addition, I plan to research industries that share the same values as me while also providing an intrinsic element that I know I appreciate (not so) deep down. To make my personal brand authentic, I will understand that I can embrace this aspect of myself and still be taken seriously in a professional setting if I approach it correctly. In order for me to find a job I am completely happy in, I will have to get creative in searching for the right industry and market.


How I Want to be Portrayed

In the professional world, I hope to portray myself as someone worthy of being taken seriously and does the job better than others. Part of my personal brand is changing a person’s first impression with long term work ethic and responsibility. I want to be the best at what I do and a resource to others even if it means putting in more work or time. Now that I understand my end goal, I can rewind and determine what steps I need to take to ultimately gain my desired personal brand.

My Writing Style

Through this class, I have learned that I am capable of writing more concisely than I thought. In addition to this, I am able to write very professionally and respond well to the situation. This surprised me because in day to day talk, I speak very candidly. However, in writing I am able to take the time to consider my audience, the purpose of my message and how I want to be depicted.

Where I Excelled

I feel that I excelled in the watching and responding to lectures, instructor and Lynda. In a busy time, I consistently made time to watch and take detailed and attentive notes. Less concretely, I have been active in the ultimate goal of this course which is the critical thinking element. I was beginning my new internship at an insurance broker toward the end of this course. Before my first day, I considered topics we had discussed in this course and thought critically about how I wanted this new group of people in a professional environment to perceive me.

When thinking about developing my career, I need to first consider exactly who I am and what I want.  I have considered what I am willing to and not willing to compromise in the development of my personal brand. Going forward, it is just a matter of me marrying two different sides of my personality to create a career that I am proud to contribute to. This class has given me the critical thinking skills and ideas that I will take with me as I enter the job market.


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