“Ferrari” Like The Car

Recognizable me: One of my core values is honesty, so I feel I must be honest with you guys from the jump… If you’ve ever seen a brunette running (I’m talking full sprint) with a Starbucks in her hand into Koelbel, Muenzinger, or ATLAS, I must shamefully admit that brunette was likely me. As a double major and double minor, if I don’t seem busy, please check my pulse. My pending degrees, a BA in Psychology (behavioral, specifically), and a BS in Information Management, paired with two minors, one in Leadership Studies and the other in Technology, Arts, and Media often leave people scratching their heads, and I can’t blame them – I’m a little all over the map. What can I say? I’m captivated by a multitude of different subjects.

IMG_5679Beyond my academic pursuits, my name is Bailey Ferrari and I’m a full-time cat mom, book enthusiast, and junior at CU. In my free time, I drink a lot of coffee and make (bad) jokes. The photo I’ve attached is what I look like when I actually do my hair and makeup, which is a rarity, so I don’t always use it on social media in fear of not being recognized and gaining less Twitter followers.

As a lover of both classic and modern literature (even blog posts, which all of you seem to be nailing, by the way), it’s nearly impossible to choose a favorite novel. Since this class is business oriented, however, I wouldn’t be staying true to myself if I didn’t mention Bossypants by Tina Fey somewhere in this post. If you haven’t seen Mean Girls, which, let’s be honest, is pretty much a classic at this point, and need a reason beyond “it’s written by Tina Fey” to pick up this book, the novel is filled with little gems of wisdom geared specifically towards women in the business world, and has helped shape the person I am today.

Where I’m at: Born and raised in Colorado, I’m not sure if I could ever convince myself to leave this gorgeous state. Going to CU was an easy decision, and living close to Boulder the last two years has been a hike-filled, ski trip loaded, and, don’t worry mom, extremely educational adventure I wouldn’t trade for the world.

In February, I started interning for a small Boulder-based software company called SingleStep who recently released their first app, iBirth, that provides hospitals and other health care providers with a digital platform that guides their clients through both pregnancy and postpartum. I’ve spent my time with them learning how to use programs like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Suite, Inkscape, App Annie and a variety of other graphic design softwares in hopes of preparing myself for a (hopefully successful and lucrative) career in digital advertising. Dying to know more about this app? I recently made this promo video for iBirth to show off my new editing/design skills.

What you want: When I say I couldn’t be more excited about this class, I mean it. I have limited experience with WordPress, so even writing this blog post and learning new tech-tricks makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Besides learning more about digital media, I’m excited to work on my professional writing skills and continue developing my own poised-but-puny voice that ideally will one day scream “Hire me! I’m just the girl you’re looking for!” In our modern business world, selling yourself is crucial, and I’m hoping to continue building the knowledge and confidence to give a great pitch without my palms getting a little sweaty.

Where to find you: My LinkedIn profile will provide you with anything I may have missed in this post, but one day you’ll find me at Crispin Porter making all of the coolest digital ads (Kidding, but a girl can dream, right?). More importantly, next time you see a brunette with Starbucks who at least sort of looks like the photo above running to and fro on campus, please say hi 🙂


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