About me: Sana Ali

15440585_10154163356039013_1718369752068327205_oRecognizable me: Hey all! My name is Sana, born in New York, and raised in California, you could say I have a soft spot for both coasts. But choosing to attend the University of Colorado Boulder had to have been one of the best decisions I have made because I had not realized what I was missing out on up until I moved to Boulder. To your right you can see a “candid” picture of me at Maroon Bells in Aspen, which has become a go-to trip for me and my best friends whenever we get a chance – it never gets old! Maybe it’s because of the long car rides, pit stops, or just the good company, but my best friends and I always find ourselves on weekend adventures exploring Colorado.

Where I’m at: Typically, you would be able to find me in one of two places: Boulder or the Bay Area. However, this May I decided to expand my base and study abroad in Rome, Italy for Maymester. The experience was absolutely unreal, especially since I decided not to study abroad during the school year. Maymester in Rome was short and sweet and I finished my journey in Barcelona (where I hands down had the best meal of my life at Gourmet Tapas by Sensi). I had the opportunity to explore two beautiful places alongside one of my best friends this summer and could not be more grateful for the experience!

Although I miss my mini-abroad experience, I am glad to be back in my little town of Saratoga, CA, where I grew up. While Saratoga can get pretty quiet and slow around the summertime, I love being able to catch up with old friends and family whenever I’m around. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Bay, but I am extremely excited to go back to Boulder in a few weeks. To get some extra spending money while in Boulder, I work at a clothing store on Pearl Street called Nod & Rose. Despite the fact that I end up spending half my paycheck on the store, I absolutely love working there and adore the people I work with.

What I want: I have always been drawn to writing, creative writing that is, so in taking this class I genuinely hope to broaden my writing abilities. Although professional writing is relatively new to me, I join this course with high hopes and a positive attitude. Professional writing is essential to being successful and personable so I hope to take a lot out of my time here!

Where to find me: My Boulder summer picks back up soon so when I’m there you can find me enjoying my free time on Pearl Street before and after work. My favorite restaurant on Pearl has to be Centro Mexican Kitchen or the Kitchen Upstairs, the food, drinks, and overall atmosphere at both places always serve for a great time. Currently, my favorite shows to binge watch have been Black Mirror and This Is Us. In other words, I’m either mind blown from a horrifying episode of Black Mirror or in tears from an emotional ending to an episode of This Is Us. All in all, I highly recommend these shows if you haven’t already started them!

When it’s not too hot outside, I love to hike up Chautauqua or go on a run further into the suburbs of Boulder. I realized that I deeply enjoy hiking and running on my own. I found that doing so is a win-win situation since it gives you time to relax and clear your mind while staying healthy and active.


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