Around the World in 106 Days

A Slice of My Life

Hi my name is Lucas Savoy and I am originally from San Diego California.I have lived in the same house my eIMG_3160ntire life and have yet to move. Being able to live in both California and Colorado for the past 2 and half years has been so amazing. This past semester I was fortunate enough to attend Semester at Sea. Semester at Sea is an abroad program that sails you to 10 plus countries while having the ability to take 12-15 credits on board the ship, all while traveling across the ocean to your next world destination.

This truly was a life changing experience and I recommend doing it to anyone that is interested in traveling. I am so glad to be back in Boulder surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. I am very active and love to do pretty much any activity whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Homes and Habitations

Currently I am in Boulder, Colorado for the week to arrange some of my belongings. I will be traveling back home to San Diego at the end of the week and will be finishing the remainder of this class there. The class being online makes it extremely accommodating to be able to move around while still being able to get my work done.

This past semester I was unable to apply to jobs due to not having Internet connection when I was abroad. I honestly was not to upset with this because I was not very interested in receiving a job for this summer. My last summer, I held an internship position in Denver and it went very well. I have been working my entire life every summer, if not during the school year, since I was 12. So, this summer I really was excited to just be able to relax for one last time while taking a couple classes before its time for the working world after graduation.

Reaching for the Stars

What I would like to get out this class the most is to become the best analyzer that I can. I want to continue building my writing abilities while understanding the skills needed to be the best professional writer that I can be. With having access to the writing lectures through Lynda it will allow me to have materials that will help me become the analyzer I want to be with writing. By being able to continue improving my professional writing skills it will make me a more resilient candidate both written and verbally.

My Compass

If I am not stuffing my face into textbooks at the library, you can probably find me at Breckenridge or Keystone snowboarding through the trees. If I am not there then I will definitely be hiking the Flatirons or watching Rick and Morty at my house. For those of you that don’t know what Rick and Morty is, you should definitely give it try. I would have to say it is the greatest cartoon ever made. Every line is very well thought out and keeps you laughing past the next actors line, making you rewind.

You can also find me on LinkedIn if you are looking for more of a professional setting. After getting back from traveling the world this past semester I have really seen myself develop into liking all types of music. If the song has a good beat or rhythm and is accompanied with good lyrics, you can definitely find me jamming. Music ranges in so many varieties and I don’t believe there is just one type out there that is better than the rest. So that’s me in a Nutshell!


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