Ellen Kyger as in Tiger with a K

Recognizable Me:  Hello all! My name is Ellen Kyger and I am from Colorado Springs, CO. I’m not technically a Colorado Me in Paris
native because my dad was in the military and we moved around frequently when I was little, but I’ve lived here since I was 6 so I still consider myself one. I absolutely love this beautiful state I live in, so choosing CU was an easy decision. I have absolutely loved my time here at CU. I have an amazing circle of friends, I enjoy my classes and I honestly cannot imagine my life anywhere else.

I am finally settling back into normal life after spending my last semester studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain! It is an incredible city full of amazing people, I loved every second it. I got to travel around Europe quite a bit while I was there, and its safe to say it was the best four months of my life. To your right is pic of me in Paris eating a Nutella crepe in front of the Eiffel Tower (I was peaking). If you ever have the chance to study abroad, DO IT. I had the opportunity to see so much rich history that we just don’t have here in the states, and experience cultures that are different to ours. It created wanderlust within me and I cannot wait to start exploring even more of the world.

Where I’m At: I am happily back in the perfect bubble that is Boulder after traveling around the world. I try to go home occasionally to see my parents and make sure that my dog doesn’t forget how much he loves me. I am a huge dog person if I could responsibly own and afford three puppies I would in a heartbeat. I also try to make trips camping in the mountains every once and while to be sure to take advantage of the beautiful CO summers.

I am going to be a senior this year (sadly, I love college) and am trying to prepare myself for the real world that is quickly approaching. With that being said, this summer I’m working as a marketing communications intern in the MEP division of Trimble down in Westminster. I’m enjoying every second of it and am trying to absorb as much knowledge as I can in the short time that I’m working there.

What I Want: Well we could spend a long time on this topic, I want a lot of things. For example french fries not having calories, or to have an endless supply of puppies.  But with regards to this class, I want to polish my professionalism through writing so that I never make a fool of myself in the real world. After applying to what felt like a thousand internships before I landed one this past spring, I learned the importance of a strong resume and cover letter. I want to perfect those so I can one day land a dream job!

Where to Find Me: If we’re being honest the best place you can find me is in the blow up pool my roommates and I bought this summer that is currently sitting in our driveway. As lame as it sounds, it was the best $35 we ever spent and it cools us off from our 100 year old house that doesn’t have air-conditioning and is at a consistent 80 degrees during the day. I also enjoy the various hikes at Chautauqua, or laying in my bed watching Friends or The Office. If I’m feeling crazy I’ll go to the discount movie day on Tuesdays at the Century Boulder theater. If you ever see me around, or want to come hang out at the coolest pool in town, reach out!


One thought on “Ellen Kyger as in Tiger with a K

  1. Hello Ellen!!
    I love your picture in front of the Eiffel Tower, isn’t is beautiful?!
    I actually studied abroad junior year as well, wasn’t it the most amazing experience??

    I read your comment about resumes and cover letters, and I would also love to perfect those before graduation! Aiming for those dream jobs!

    Jordan Norman

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