Have a try to pronounce my Chinese name “Yuanyuan”


IMG_2656Recognizable me: Are you able to pronounce my Chinese name? I guess that may be hard, so I have an English name. If you think it is too hard to call me by my Chinese name, you can just call me Jessica Chen. This is me at The Garden of Gods. My boyfriend found a good visual angle that makes me looks like I am eating the rock behind me. I am a senior student at CU-Boulder. This is my last half-year before my graduation.

I am a Chinese and speak Mandarin, English, and basic Korean. I have lived in the United States for almost five years. Although everything here is very different from my hometown in China, I recognize Colorado as my second hometown. This is the place where I truly grew up as an adult and became independent. I could not forget the experiences I have had here. They are my treasures.

This summer I am a little bit busy. I attended the graduation ceremony in May, and my parents and brother came to celebrate with me. Then, they accompanied with me for ten days. You may notice I have not graduated. Why did I attend the graduation ceremony? I prefer the summer ceremony rather than the winter one. Then I could wear my beautiful dress and go out with my families without concern about the weather.

Where I am at: I was born in China and lived there for 19 years. I graduated from a Chinese high school. Then, I flew half way around the earth to the United States. I have a hard time starting my new life here. But things get better and better. This summer, I am in Colorado, mostly in Boulder. I have family members in Littleton, Colorado. Sometimes I will visit them there. I have the writing online course this summer, so I plan to spend the whole month studying, and I will plan my trip after the class and before the last semester begins to give myself a rest from the busy and stressful summer.

What I want: Because I have just one semester left before graduation, I think the business writing class is important and hard for me (my native language is Chinese, so I am not confident on my English writing). I chose to attend the summer class and I could give myself more time to focus on it, and I hope I will not be that stressed with getting a good score and really learn something that is useful for my future career.

I still remember when I took the first-year writing class three years ago. I struggled a lot with the course. I went to office hours all the time and keep revising my essay with my professor. The pay is proportional to the reward. With my enthusiastic classmates and helpful professor, I got a really good score, eventually.

Where to find me: This summer, you can find me in Boulder. But probably most of the time online, you can try to use the famous Chinese chat app called “WeChat” to find me, the app’s language can be changed to English. Next semester, all my classes will be taught in the KOBL building, I think you will have a good chance of seeing me there. As that will be my last semester, I will not have a busy schedule for my classes. I think I will be busy finding my job and planning to find a new part-time job during the semester. So I may presently be busy at different places, either on campus or off campus, but trust me, I will always be online to get messages from you if you want to contact me.


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