It’s Zach

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Recognizable Me: Hi 3040, as you may have read, it’s Zach. . I am originally from Fort Collins, and while I do like the city of Fort Collins, sko buffs. Other tidbits about me; I studied abroad in Barcelona in spring of 2016, I have a cat named mako like the shark, and ski ball is my favorite bar game.  Studying in Barcelona was one of the best experiences of my life and the people I met there have become lifelong friends. My cat is super weird. He follows everyone in my house like a dog and loves cold cuts. Ski ball is by far the most underrated bar game. No other game takes as little skill but is as competitive as ski ball, its great.

Where You’re At: I am about to start my final semester, hopefully, and graduate from Leed’s with a degree in marketing. While I only applied to Leed’s in high school because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, it was one of the best decisions I have made. I have started my job search for after graduation and a majority of jobs ask for a business degree. I live in Boulder for the summer where I also have two internships. I am a marketing intern for One World Bracelets, and am about to start a sales internship at TransPerfect. I will go into medical sales once I graduate at Sryker Medical.

What Do You Want: While my mine objective in this class is to get credits so I can finally graduate, I choose this class specifically because I want to enter the business world next January. I feel as I already have a pretty good grasp on business writing through four years of Leed’s, but it can never hurt to practice and hone your skills. By fine tuning by writing skills specifically for business you are helping yourself once you enter the real world. There is a fairly strict guideline in the business world as to what is acceptable in things like memos and emails, and you don’t want to seem like you aren’t qualified for your position.

Where To Find You: In my free time I like to do a variety of things. I used to race mountain bikes and motorcycles through my childhood, but after various surgeries have backed it down.


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