Life in the Rockies but Truly Living in the Cloud

Recognizable me: Hi everyone! My name is Savannah Simms and I am from Napa. I lived all over Northern California when growing up! In my first grade class I was the only student that spoke English as my first language. The cultural diversity is by far my favorite part!  I couldn’t be happier to call the Bay Area home.

Growing up on a sailboat and living so close to the ocean played a big role in my childhood. We set out to sail around the world when I was 5 and was quickly interrupted by 9/11.  Though it was a roadblock I look forward to one day setting out to complete the journey! Numerous young adults have set out to complete this task and their stories absolutely blow me away.

The best I’ve come across is Laura Dekker. She convinced the Dutch government and child protective authorities that she was capable! For now, I have traded my life jacket and days on the bay in for an inhaler and a view of the Rocky Mountains, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Where I’m at: This summer I am living in Boulder! One may think spending a summer in Boulder would be a tad slower than the semester and give me some time to explore but it has been quite the opposite. I was hired as a personal assistant following finals and I instantly waved my social life and my free time goodbye! My boss is in the oil and film industry so I do get to hear amazing stories and live vicariously through his jet setting lifestyle and booking fabulous trips!

I am taking two online classes and traveling back home whenever I get the chance. I actually leave tomorrow morning and will relax by the pool (aka do online school) for a few days before going to Hawaii with my family. I had no intention of taking courses over the summer but it will allow me to hopefully study abroad in the spring.

Truthfully, I am enjoying waking up and reading for class and exploring new coffee shops without everyone from school in town. My favorite so far is the Capital One cafe. It is a hybrid between Pete’s Coffee and Capital One’s version of a “community hub”. I get free coffee and study nooks 7 days a week. No complaints! Check it out when you get back because I may just move in!

What I want: I am studying advertising and was planning on emphasizing in design. I woke up on the first day of this session enrolled in history of advertising and was not looking forward to my first lecture. Out of curiosity, I looked at other available courses. I stumbled upon this course and immediately emailed my advisor to switch from design to a more business oriented emphasis, of advertising and strategic account management. I am looking forward to walk away the confidence in business writing I need to stand out in the aggressive world of account management.

Where to find me: If you want to find me I’d start on Facebook. I am the social media intern for a nutrition company out of San Francisco, so I just about live in the cloud. Likes and shares make me feel like my puns are bearable so feel free to check me out. Between now and the end of summer, you can find me at the Boulder Farmers Market, every Wednesday and Saturday. I’m at the creek on occasion, but like I said earlier, Capital One is my second home. In my free time, I like to drink wine in my vineyard with my dog or sit in Boulder and pretend.

The last three years of my life have been limited to a 40 mile radius of home (whether that be Napa or Boulder) due to my electric car. But I have finally graduated to a new gas-powered Corolla and I will be driving it back next week! Hopefully I find some time to step away from Capital One and D2L to enjoy the freedom of some gas powered wheels and explore Colorado like one would expect out of a summer in the Rockies!

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