Some call me Sterling some call me Price


Recognizable Me: My full name is Sterling Price Stephens but growing up I had everyone call me Price. Once I was around 16 people started realizing they liked my first name Sterling more so some people refer to me as Sterling and some call me Price. Feel free to call me which ever one as I will respond to them equally. I grew up and am currently living in Los Angeles, California. I absolutely love this city as I am never bored and am constantly finding new adventures to partake in. I chose CU Boulder basically because of the mountains. I visited and within an hour I told myself I was going to CU. A great college campus, college town, college environment, and those beautiful mountains. So far it’s been great and I look forward to many more memories to be made in Colorado.

Where I am At: I am currently at home in Los Angeles finishing up my homework assignments for all three of my online classes after a long day of hiking in Malibu. I recently was in a terrible accident and broke my back and needed two plates and six screws to fuse my spine together so this summer I am not working and merely just rehabilitating and getting my health back. That was back in October so I had to drop out of my first semester at CU. As a one semester completed CU student technically I’m still a Freshman but I am heading into my second year trying to catch up on credits and so here I am taking summer online courses.

This is my first summer since I was 16 that I will not be leaving the country unfortunately as I love to travel. In the past it’s been great traveling and volunteering at elephant sanctuaries in Thailand, camping in the Outback of Australia, living on a dive boat off the GBR to study dwarf minke whales, and even more rowdy a high school graduation trip to Europe with my 5 best friends. In High School I traveled through this company called Rustic Pathways. A company which gives once in a lifetime opportunities for high schoolers to experience in a cultural and community service style of travel.   Traveling has showed me a lot about what I truly want in this world so it is weird not doing any fun travels this summer but it is for the best.

What I Want: As a future Leeds graduate I felt taking this class was essential. I had to take this class online otherwise I wouldn’t be able to until I was a junior but I didn’t want to wait so I am taking it online hoping to learn the insides and the outsides of being able to communicate on a professional business level. I hope to start my own company very soon and am anticipating for the knowledge I learn in this class to come in hand sooner than later.

Where to Find Me: When I am not spending hours on the computer doing homework I am all over the place. You can find me hiking, sailing, spearfishing, enjoying the beach, by a pool somewhere, or even at  a small concert seeing some up and coming artists. I am currently managing a young yet promising DJ duo so music has become a big part of my summer. The duo I am managing actually started in Boulder and are called King Kavalier.

In the fall you will find me camping in the rockies, rock climbing the flatirons, or just cruising around the hill. I am taking a super strong course load next year so I am worried that I won’t be able to enjoy the amenities of Boulder as much as I’d like, but we shall see. Being busy with school is still being busy with school in Boulder, always a good time in BOCO!


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