“That’s a long name you’ve got!”

DSC_8495.jpgRecognizable me:

Happy Wednesday, everyone! My name is Lisa Zhovmiruk and I am from Rostov-on-Don, Russia. You’ve probably never heard of it before because most people have no clue about Russian geography. But if you are curious, give it a google– it’s a pretty neat place! My family moved to Colorado when I was only three years old and I grew up in the Arvada/Golden suburbs before moving to Boulder for college.

About a month ago, I returned from studying abroad in Madrid, Spain for the spring 2017 semester. Every study abroad student will tell you about how amazing their experience was, and I am no different. It was hands down the BEST decision I made in my entire life. I had the opportunity to travel to 10 different countries and visit 20 different cities. There are still so many more places to go, which just gives me a reason to come back!

Where I’m at:

After traveling Europe for the past five months, I am currently settling back in Boulder to start my senior year of college at the Leeds School of Business. There, I am pursuing a dual emphasis in accounting and finance with a minor in Spanish. I am on in the 5-year Masters of Accounting program which means I technically have two more years of school left until graduation. As I watch my friends around me prepare to graduate, I have to remind myself it’s all worth it. For the summer, I am working full-time as an accounting and finance intern for the City & County of Denver Government. To say I am learning a ton would be an understatement, a true reality check from my vacation abroad the past semester.

What I want:

Truth be told, I am a finance gal. Numbers are my jam. I will do almost anything to get out of a history or literature class because frankly, my mind just doesn’t work well in that sphere. That being said, when I decided to sign up for my upper-division business writing course, multiple classmates complained to me how they never even dipped their toes into anything business-like in their campus writing classes. Keeping in mind reccomendations and reminiscing on the month-long, online, lower-division writing class I took the June after freshman year, I decided that an intense month would suit me better than I stretched out semester. Well, here I am.

All jokes aside, my goal is similar to that of a lot of business students. I am here to take the skills that I have been taught about professional composition thus far, learn a few more tips and tricks, and ultimately polish everything up to present upon my entry to the real world. Specifically, I am looking to improve my email correspondence, write strong cover letters, and practice talking/selling myself without feeling awkward. On August 11, I hope to walk away from this class truly confident in my ability to engage in any kind of professional/business setting that comes my way.

Where to find me:

In my free time, I like to surround myself with great company, great music, and even better food. I love going to Rockies games and exploring Denver , hiking the beautiful mountains, cooking, reading books, pretty much anything that’s good for the soul. Some of my favorite shows are Game of Thrones and American Horror Story if that tells you anything. I am a very laid back person and am always looking for ways to branch out and try new things. I am not really good at social media, but if you feel inclined to reach out, my Facebook is Lisa Zhovmiruk, my Twitter handle is @lisazhovmiruk, and my Instagram account is @lisazhovmiruk. I love getting to know new people so please connect!


P.S. 50% of the time, you can find me at your local Chipotle. It’s pretty much my favorite food. Word on the street is that they are introducing queso in the near future. Start selling your Qdoba stock now, folks. If you also like Chipotle, we have a lot to talk about.





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