To figure out my last name, take my first name & change the J/D to an N/M!

Jordan Norman14495461_1815107732066834_6807849410975419110_n

Jordan Norman, Summed in less than 1,000 words:

Ahoj Classmates! For starters, I’m not some pirate, however, I am an aspiring Czech transplant, where “ahoj” means “hello”!

My name is Jordan Norman, but you’d already know that if you successfully figured out the riddle in my title. I am one of the few natives amongst our beautiful state, born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. From spending 8 months in a foreign country traveling alone, to sky diving in the Rockies- you could consider me an adventurous human. To be honest, I never planned to attend CU. I always wanted to attend college out of state, however, my parents would not help pay tuition if I left Colorado, however, it all worked out when I fell in love with beautiful Boulder. Growing up with two business oriented parents, I always felt comfortable speaking business. This led me to my decision of pursuing a dual emphasis in Marketing and Human Resources Management at The Leeds School of Business. I also have a minor in sociology, mostly for fun!

When the tough question regarding passions comes around, cancer and health care often comes to mind. My mother has breast cancer when I was 14 years old until I was 18 years old- and to be honest, those were the most difficult 4 years of my life. Throughout this time, I basically lived in a hospital alongside of her, and my compassionate soul grew larger and larger. I planned to pursue nursing, however, realized the hard way I couldn’t stomach blood or needles. Although a healthcare career path may not be for me, it is still a passion of mine to fundraise and volunteer on holidays at our local hospital which saved my moms life.

Where I’m at:

As of last Friday, I officially applied for commencement in December. With this decision has brought a few more summer classes and anxious determination, however, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I am currently interning with Enterprise Rent-a-Car, and am loving every second of it. The fast paced, productive environment keeps me going, and often times, my amazing coworkers have me forgetting I am even at work. I love the life I live!

What I want:

Throughout my many internships, I have noticed the importance of communication whether it be through email, phone calls, texts, or even handwritten notes. One thing that stood out to me in my professional career was when I was interviewing for my current internship at Enterprise Rent-a-Car. I was always told by my parents and professors to send a hand-written thank you note to the person who interviewed you, however, when I did that- the recruiter called me to tell me I was the only interviewee who has ever done that before! I was honestly shocked! I’m not saying this class is solely about handwritten writing, if any for that matter, however, I’ve heard multiple times how in this class we need to practice and learn how to break habits, and I feel as if kindness and appreciation is often removed from our daily communication styles, and I look forward to seeing how proper etiquette in business is supposed to be, and learn from this and further flourish in proper business communication techniques. I believe this class will be one of the most useful in the real world out of a good chunk of the courses from my undergrad.

I don’t bite!!

This summer, you will find me either potting plants or renting cars- as my dual employment for this summer includes The Home Depot and Enterprise Rent-a-Car. You may also find me browsing rescue centers around the Boulder area, as I recently discovered my apartment doesn’t charge extra for dogs and I am seriously in need of a furry little cuddle buddy.

Once August 28th strikes, you will find me cramming in Norlin as my last semester of college should be a busy one. I’ll probably be hiding in the corner with my “Beats” headphones on, drinking a chai latte- don’t hesitate to come say hello!

I can’t wait to read all of our classmates blogs, here’s to a great 3 weeks and I hope you all adventure your last weeks of summer!!

Ahoj (Also goodbye, in Czech),

Jordan Norman


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