Distance Cannot Destroy Love

Choices always come with loss, but the most valuable thing such as love would remain in the deepest area. Family love is something hard to break and remains deeper and longer as you think. Even for a long time you could not feel that much, but it does exist and tie people tightly as time flies.

When I was 8 months, my parents divorced and the court pronounced that my father would have custody of me. I was born in a small city in China, with old and ill grandparents at home. At that time, because my father was a construction manager in Shanghai which is far from my hometown that he was not able to take care of me. My father decided to bring me to Shanghai. When I was young, I met my father once a week on weekends for several hours. Honestly, I do not think we had strong relationship during those years.

Many years later, I decided to move back to my hometown for high school. It had been a long time since I had last been there. It was hard for me to start a new life there. My father decided to give up his job and go back to my hometown take care of me. That was the first time I had stayed with my father for so long. I changed my mind about my father after he lived with me while I was in high school. And after we came to the USA together, my grandfather had health problem. My father needed to go back to China take after my grandfather. He realized that he would leave me again and do not know how long will that be. I saw he cried in his bedroom. He hugged me and told me he does not want to leave me. That time I know he loves me so much and stay with me is his hope.


I could understand my father now, and I also wanted to thank him for the better opportunity he gave me. I have had the opportunity to study in Shanghai and even emigrate to the USA. Even though I misunderstood him for years when I was young, I could totally understand his choice now. Maybe I did not have the childhood like others who could spend a lot time with their parents. But I cannot deny that I had a happy childhood even though it was very different from others.

Family love is something comes with us when we first see this world. It is like a gene in our body. And sometimes we do not notice it. It does not mean that it is not exist. It has thousands of forms; a father’s love always seems more deep and gentle. Even though my father was not always able to be with me when I was young, each time I faced a new environment, he was always by my side. But, each time when I have to face to a new environment, he always stay by my side and accompanied with me. That his love to me.

My father is getting older, and I have left home to attend college in different city. This time is I have to leave him, but I know even though we cannot see each other every day, when I feel upset and stressed, he tries his best to comfort me. When I was young I thought my father’s presence was what I needed most from my father. But, as I grow up, I feel that communication and emotional support are more important to me. Those are the ways my father tries to support me whenever and wherever we are. In our life, at some moments, we have to make the choice to leave our family, but the love will never disappear.



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