Where You Begin

Hyderabad-And-Vicinity-68045Everyone has a backstory; a story or a series of events and choices that led them to the point they are at right now. My story will differ from yours as any two people’s story would. However, it is my parent’s backstory that has affected me and my outlook on opportunity and dedication to this day. Although I am aware that many families immigrate from different countries, hearing theirs gave me an alternative perspective, perhaps because they are two people so very close to me.

Born and raised in Hyderabad, India, my parents struggled growing up. Living in India, although my parents refer to it as “simpler times”, had its hardships. The pressure to make it big in America with a good education and steady job (and by steady job I am referring to the option to become either a doctor, lawyer, or an engineer) weighed heavily on my dad. While he was off to college at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, my mom stayed in India awaiting for his return so they could have their traditional marriage.

Moving to America, they only had each other, so navigating the norms of American culture did not come easy to two people who were brought up in a completely different environment. Unfortunately at times, racism was prevalent, however, they truly made the best of their situation. My dad created his own software company in the Silicon Valley and my mom gave me and my brother both memorable childhoods. What began as uncertainty and fear ended in stability and happiness and I admire them both for where they are now.

Whenever I hear my parent’s journey, I think of their dedication, commitment, and positivity. Making a move like that is not an easy thing, but with the proper mindset and outlook, they achieved it. You can begin your journey at birth or at any other given moment in your life.  I found that where you start, whether you are behind or ahead, does not always need to be looked at as a set back.

My life has directly been affected by their journey not only through the values that I have learned from them, but because of the fact that I was given a pleasant life being born and raised in the United States. It is easy to take for granted the simple things that have been given to us, so I always try to be grateful for all of the opportunities and relationships that I established in my life thus far.

Their backstory made me realize that regardless of where you start, you can find your way to success and happiness despite any obstacles and hardships. I can relate this to my current life while I think about my own future. Nowadays, there are countless pressures to be successful and the necessity to set yourself apart from others has immensely increased. It is easy to be discouraged at times but knowing that you have the ability to build yourself up from lower standpoints is what you need to always take into consideration.

What I have learned is that your struggles or set backs have the ability to mold you into the person you are today and to grow from them is what will distinguish you from other people. Above all, remaining positive and level headed in difficult times will never let you down, which is yet another concept that I strive to live by. I try my best to use this whenever I find myself in a difficult or uneasy situation, or when I am feeling discouraged and genuinely believe that it has successfully gotten me past my own personal hardships.






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