BIRP! Excuse me?

birpMusic is not just music. Music is youth, it is age, it is then, it is now, it is never, and it is forever. Where exactly am I going with this? Well, with aspirations to work in the music industry someday, it is my passion. Therefore, it is important that I am constantly in the know of what is new in the music world. One website that helps me do just that is called Birp!. What is Birp! you ask? It is a reputable music blog that compiles playlists each month. These playlists include hundreds of new tracks that are trending in the underground music world. The best part is that many of the songs are from young artists, and it is therefore a great source for music discovery.

THE VISUALS: What’s Important? 

Above all, capturing the element is most important. What are the essentials necessary in order to highlight the message that you want to get across to the audience? Well, since this is a music blog sight, there are more senses involved than just the appearance. The audience must also enjoy the song in order for it to be an overall success. However, there must be a draw to get the audience to listen to the songs. This is where visual elements come into play at Birp!. Each song and every playlist have album covers or art that represent the content that they hold. Each piece must relay importance to the audience, or perhaps encourage action (such as choosing to play a certain song.) With the audience in mind when creating the artwork for the songs, there is a much greater opportunity that the song will be played.


All of the writing in the workplace is persuasive, and if you know that, then you can work toward successfully persuading your audience in some way or another. For Birp! in particular, they  must breakdown exactly their goal is. The purpose of Birp! is to spread music, as well as become a credible source for new music and discover new artists. It appeals to a very specific audience of music lovers and explorers; especially those into Indie and Indie Rock. In terms of its User-Centered Design, Birp! maintains a very manageable website all while catering to the needs of their audience such as their expectations, characteristics, goals, and the specific context.

From the sentence design in each song, artist, and playlist description to the information design, Birp! keeps it specific yet interesting. It is informative, but not bland. As stated by Aristotle, “Rhetoric is the art of persuasion by available means” and Birp! is achieving just that.

DESIGN: Keep it Simple

Although Birp! has a pretty decent website design, there are definitely places where it is very strong, and also places that it could use a bit of work. Let’s break it down. Birp! is not afraid to use color. In fact, the use of color is an advantage. It creates an aesthetic website that is colorful to not only the eyes, but the ears as well. It uses its white space effectively, and does not place too much on each page. The font is different in size which creates an easier way to read and explore.

Birp! could improve slightly with its use of rectangles. If it were to unblock some of the simple web pages, this would create a more freely moving website and also make it more appealing. Another way that Birp! could improve is by contrasting type faces. Pretty much the same font is used throughout the whole website, and although the sizing does differ, the use of letter spacing make create a cultivated design.


Overall, Birp! is a well created website that caters to the needs of its audience. Trying to appeal to more than once sense in a website is surely difficult, however Birp! successfully achieves this with its rhetorical uses and design.


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