Google News is no Noodle News

googlenewsWhen you need to know the score of the game, what’s updated in real time? When you want to know how long a whale can hold their breath, where do you go? Or you forget how long to cook a lasagna and mom isn’t answer the phone, who do you turn to? Google is everyone’s go to. No offense to you Bing and Yahoo fans, I just haven’t had much success.

I turn to Google for my photo storage, emails, viewing videos, composing various files, and obviously my search engine needs; I felt that there were no better place to find my news than Google. I was using Apple News on my iPhone up until the beginning of this month. The notifications made it simple. When I saw something that caught my attention, all I needed to do was click.

At the end of June, Apple News released a notification that Google Newsreceived a facelift and would have a completely different user interface as of June 27, 2017. Out of curiosity, I checked it out and I have been hooked!


Photo Source

Google really took the time necessary to prioritize their user- centered design. It is very easy to look at. It is clean and lacks the clutter that GoogleNews once struggled from.  Product designer from Google, Anand Paka, says “Users are not able to connect with the journalism that they come to Google News to see. Our goal here was to make readability a prime focus and pick out elements that are the most important.”

Google News will link you to previous news articles about the topic, as well as related stories. This allows readers to be as informed as possible. Adding this feature gave writers the opportunity to write with rhetoric awareness, the purpose to inform with a complete story as well as readers to read all the information out there on the topic!

I looked to Owl Purdue to find more categories to criticize this news outlet. Owl Purdue highlighted the need to consider the audience. We need to think about what they are going to Google News to find. What are their expectations?

Google accommodates to various readers by the customizable options. Readers are able

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 10.08.13 PM.png

to prioritize their sections and hide others that are not as important to them. This feature makes the website design extremely user friendly.

Another great feature to Google News is the non-biased news sources. They gather news from countless sources using their updated algorithm that also does fact checking. This algorithm allows more popular articles to be seen first. Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 10.41.28 PM.png

Google has cleared prioritizing visual rhetoric is their update as well. Each article is matched with a photo that is relevant and help construct the point of the article. Personally, it grabs my attention and encourages me to read on! Different from many news sites, Google believes in white space. Without the side banner ads and excess information, Google News successfully draws the reader in transformed undesignable white space into a design component.

If you are a sports fan, you are in luck! Scores are updated in real time! You have a direct visual on the main page of both scores from today and yesterday. There are five leagues available.

Another great feature of user centered design was in the locals side bar. Instead of featuring advertisements in the sidebar, Google put the audience first by featuring local news and weather forecasts. It may be something you check out before heading to work  in the morning or before heading out of the office without a coat in the afternoon.

Google News’ facelift really put the user’s needs first! Their accessible design consider the authenticity of the material and the value of the rhetorical content. They set their site up for expansion and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy to read, trustworthy site.


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