Welcome to the Front Page of the Internet

Reddit is the most influential informative outlet on the internet today. Hands down. The amount of news, entertainment, and resources I have found through continuative use of the site, is substantial. I’d like to take a little bit of your time to inform you on how much Reddit has impacted me in my daily life.

When I was a junior in high school, back in 2012, I was first introduced to Reddit by a friend. I had heard that it was a popular discussion form so I wanted to see what it was all about. At first, I didn’t understand it. At the time I wasn’t sure how anything worked, and all the different categories that Reddit uses called “sub-reddits” were very alien to me. What I didn’t realize at the time, was that sub-reddits are user made topics of discussion. Once you make a sub-reddit, you can post anything that pertains to that topic, whether it is a text, picture, video, etc. If it has anything to do with that subject, it belongs in that sub-reddit. During my introduction to the site, I was in a computer science class. Unfortunately I was struggling and decided to look on Reddit to see if there was a sub-Reddit that could help me out. Within minutes I discovered r/compsci , a discussion forum completely dedicated towards the theory and application of computer science. From this point on I no longer saw Reddit as new social media trend, but as a resource for anything I needed help on plus more.

Today, I use Reddit all the time and I’ve become accustomed to the natural tendencies of users when posting material on the site. There is habitual rhetoric used in post titles to help incentivise readers to click on their post. The more times people click on a post, the higher the chance a post has at being “up-voted”(equivalent to liking something). So rhetoric is a common tool used by “OP”(original poster), to garner attention to his/her post. Reddit also uses a very basic design, allowing anyone to venture on to the site and use it without limitations. If you check out the site here , you’ll notice Reddit isn’t very flashy; Reddit doesn’t clog up its interface to make the app more presentable. Reddit’s site, unlike its mobile app, takes on a file-like format providing you with as much information as possible on one page. So in other words, Reddit’s format


isn’t centered around engaging the user by its qualitative properties. Instead, Reddit uses its ability to entice users simply from the engagement by its community, and the efficiency of its information.

Reddit isn’t a site that prefers attractiveness over effectiveness, therefore it doesn’t attempt to attract audiences by leveraging its looks. However, it just hasn’t seemed to matter for Reddit. Without much advancement in its platform, Reddit still stands as the fourth most popular site in the U.S. Reddit is able to keep me informed on a daily basis without having to pay for subscriptions. Reddit entertains me when I’m bored, and I don’t have to buy it. Reddit is my resource when I’m dealing with a new subject, and I don’t have to purchase a textbook to do so. Reddit is my source of new music, my cook book if I want to try something new, my reviewer for new movies and games, my daily dose of cute animals, my everything. In my opinion, Reddit is the most resourceful website on the internet today, due to its vast array of information available to anyone. There’s nothing stopping you from exploring what interests you on Reddit today. Check it out!



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My name is Nicholas Ralston and I'm a senior at CU. This blog will be about me and my relationship to pop culture through social media!

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