What’s Next?

fab-lentz-253417 (1)Five weeks have come and gone in the blink of an eye, and next thing we know, we will back in the classroom. I must say that I enjoyed this class as it forced me to explore my personal brand and truly focus on personal success, values, and goals. My next steps in preparing for the job market are to continue to develop my personal brand, and get involved in business events within my community. Doing this will help me establish myself in the business professional world, rather than just in a classroom setting. Hopefully when doing this, I will be able to solidify my brand, to make my brand authentic, and align well with the business world.

Since I am a senior, I am determined to begin my career with a well establish sense of where I want to go. I think that setting goals in both personal and professional settings is highly effective in getting to your desired destination in life.

Self Portrayal

I learned that I want to portray myself in a way that stands out among others. In my writing, I want to remain professional, yet also profound. In my brand, I want to seem authentic. I want to make a difference in the lives of those around me, while upholding excellence in the business world. Overall, I would like to continue my brand as it is, but start establishing myself in the business world, as well as creating a strong network of individuals who could also help guide me along the way.

Writing Style

Although I had a decent grasp on my writing style, I did realize some things that I like about it. First, I realized that when I am interested in a topic, writing is much easier, as well as enjoyable. I get excited to research the topic and further expand my knowledge and thinking. I also found my writing style is very straight forward and to the point. I think that this is an important aspect of business writing.

Side Note: Although I do enjoy researching and writing, my favorite form of writing is poetry. I enjoy how simple words can create such depth. I think poetry sparks deeper thoughts and I find it very enjoyable to read. My favorite poets are Rupi Kaur and Atticus.


I find that the most growth I have made in this course has been understanding business writing further in depth, substantially developing my personal brand, and learning about website design.

I am happy to be exposed to business writing, as I feel the more I practice the better I get. I had a very weak idea of what I wanted my personal brand to be before this class, and now I have a thorough understanding. I never understood how important a personal brand was, but now that I have begun to develop mine, I am excited to continuously grow it until it is exactly what I want it to be.

Designing websites in this course was possibly my favorite part of all that we learned. I have briefly worked on websites (Example) with my internship, and the additional exposure in this course was very beneficial to me. I had never worked with WordPress before, so it was a bit of a challenge to navigate, however now I have experience in an additional platform. I enjoy creating something on my own, and being able to make it look exactly how I like it.

Final Thoughts

In all, I enjoyed the content of this course, and I think it will help me further my professional skills in the business world.


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