Jordan Norman: Reflection

As I prepare to graduate college in December, a question often floating around my mind is: what next?

Looking Ahead

From personal branding to networking, this class has helped and prepared me for this next step in my life.

To prepare for the job market, I am going to utilize every resource the University of Colorado prepares for me in terms of mentors, networking events, career fairs, LinkedIn workshops, and other events. I have learned that exposure and connections in any field you plan to go into is important, especially when you have a strong and driven personal brand.

Writing 3040 has prepared me for personal branding in many ways. One, it was taught me through readings and resources how to appropriately market yourself and what is important versus not important. I have had social media since I was in middle school-


starting from MySpace, to Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter and so on. These social media platforms always made me feel connected to friends and distant family, however, it is crucial to utilize and market yourself on the forms as well. I will prepare for the job market by coinciding all of my social media platforms to align with my personal brand, as well as keep a precise resume and LinkedIn page which promotes who I want to be seen as as an employee.

Who that, who that?

I learned a lot about how I want to portray myself in the professional world.  As mentioned above, I have been on social media since it first came out in late elementary school and early middle school. As a twelve year old, did I think about how I looked to


future employers? The answer is no. Now that I am older and have read resources, such as those in this class, I have come to learn the immense importance of social media and how I portray myself from it. I learned that employers really do search every form ofsocial media and how crucial it is to my professional well being. I also learned how important grammar and professionalism over text is, for example spelling errors in emails or punctuation misuse in cover letters.

I Like your Style

I discovered a lot about my writing style in this class. I learned that my writing tends to be more fiction or casual, however, this is not preferred in business writing.  I tend to write to intrigue emotion in my readers, and tell a story. However, business writing does not care about emotion or stories- but business writing cares about preciseness and efficiency when getting your memo and information across. I learned a lot about business writing in this class and what it should include, and keep out, and learned my writing tends to go more towards the fun side of literature rather than information and preferred forms in business situations.

Up, Up & Away

Writing has always been something I have enjoyed, and considerably one of my strong suits. When taking a course on business writing, I was honestly nervous. I have always gone to writing as an escape, and when I hear business writing, my first impression was honestly: “This is going to be boring”.


On the contrary, this class was far from boring. Our business writing course integrated fun and modern day themes by incorporating blogging, graphic design, and real life document preparing such as resumes and cover letters. I excelled in this course by taking what I already knew and loved about writing, and applying it to where I strive to be in life and how and what I need to write to get there. This class was truly a pleasure. Thank you.


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