Looking Back

Looking Back 

This course has truly opened my eyes to several aspects of the professional world that I had not payed close enough attention to. Although certain things like monitoring social media and building your resume had been something that I was previously aware of, I had never truly realized the impact things can have on your professional career. With that being said, I plan to utilize everything that I have learned in this course to further grow both personally and professionally.


Above all, I truly saw all of the Lynda lectures to be extremely beneficial. Not only were they detailed and easy to understand, but they were relevant. After the first assignment using Lynda, I found myself browsing through all of the different video lectures and scanning those that I found intriguing. There had been a lot of emphasis on one’s personal brand and how to build it and after this course I can truly say that I am aware of how to establish and build upon one.

How I’ve Benefited

Initially, I was nervous to take a business writing class because I am not as keen on writing professionally than I am recreationally. I thought that the course would be more dull but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was extremely engaging and interesting. I have learned what it means to be professional both online and in my personal life through the different assignments and lectures involved in the course.

In regards to my professional career, this course has allowed me to realize that marketing and/or management is the path that I want to remain on. Those career paths allow me to be creative while remaining professional, which is something I hope to be able to achieve. In addition, searching for relevant jobs through LinkedIn for an assignment was also extremely beneficial because it allowed me to study and go more in depth into certain career paths.

Through the numerous blog posts, websites, and video lecture responses, I have learned a lot in regards to my writing style as well as writing preference. I found that I genuinely enjoy writing blogs and building an image, whether it be for a website, topic, or personal brand. I think that the ability to freely write about a topic and portray it in a certain way using images, words, links, etc. to be a fun task. This proves to be useful because it further ensures my desire to enter the field of marketing and/or management.

This course has allowed me to improve my professional career and persona and I am extremely thankful that I was able to take so much from an online course at CU. Taking an online course requires organization and focus and this class has allowed me to improve as a student by requiring such skills to be utilized just about daily. I found that the course load and requirements to be manageable, which allowed me to truly put in effort and time into each assignment.

I am happy to say that this course has been one of the most useful courses I have taken at CU Boulder because it allowed me to improve in both a personal and professional standpoint. Through growing and improving my LinkedIn profile and doing my own research on millennials and their tech savvy skills, I have learned a great deal about relevant concepts in my life.


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