Open Doors and Windows

What Do I Do Now?

It is time I consider looking forward and making the steps towards reaching my potential. As I look towards the job scene as a near college graduate, it is essential that I diversify my skills and continue to personalize my brand. From learning new languages to proving my ambition for employers, I am confident that I will be successful during my job-hunting seasons. In the article, “How to Prepare Young People for Jobs of the Future”, Jennifer Kushell states that “At the most fundamental level, soft skills like interpersonal communication, the ability to speak and write correctly and present ideas clearly, are the areas most often cited when employers discuss the downside of hiring young people.” If anything, my soft communication skills are one of the stronger aspects of my character, so in order to continue making my brand authentic I will continue to initiate direct conversation as often as I can with employers and prove that I am the well spoken individual I am.

Standing Out In The Crowd

It is the same drive that compels me to prove through conversation that I am a worthwhile candidate that also pushes me to go the extra mile in all of my professional works, whether writing or otherwise. Even if it is just a bit of flair, any additions to what I put out into the professional world that might potentially spark the connection with an employer are worthwhile. Writing a blog forces me to focus on authenticity, as I want anyone that reads my words to understand my professional self to fullest extent I can express. If it gets my foot in the door long enough for a few words, it will all have been worthWRTG3040Writing it. Beyond that, persevering with a goal of formal authenticity helps present a unique look at my person through a lense.

Writing With My Own Voice

The intricacies of writing have shown me that in addition to striving for authenticity in my writing, I also stylistically like to maintain a more formal persona. Even when expressing casual and personal communications, I like to maintain order and form with my words. The easiest way to describe it is that I feel that my authentic self is a formal communicator, so for me to go beyond that comfort zone and attempt to write something in a more zany or upbeat manner is almost unnatural for me. All my life people that were older than I was have told me that one day social media will come back to haunt my generation, which is why I have always fully embraced a formal persona. Even when messaging on my phone, I do my best maintain grammar and punctuation at the minimum- I think shortened abbreviations in communications are too impersonal.

A Learning Process

I have excelled in every aspect of this course, from expressing opinions, my values, and even myself. I have had no troubles presenting my information in whatever ways are required of me, and I have especially enjoyed the fundamental concept of a blog. While I may not have entered this course a blogger, I certainly might leave as one- although I might have to find a niche that properly suits my writing style as well as my personal interests. On the flip side, my technical skills were certainly challenged in this course, but I can proudly say I have mastered the art of hyperlinking. Ultimately I can say that my writing skills have certainly improved over the course of this class, as I have had to approach discussions and verbatim in an abstract medium that I was formerly unfamiliar with.


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