Taking this course has been an interesting experience. When I initially signed up, my only thought in mind was that I needed to complete more upper-level electives to be able to graduate. However, I learned quite quickly how relevant the information provided through resources like Lynda, my classmates, and of course Allison, has helped me mature more as a writer, especially within a business environment.

After taking this course I prepare to take the writing skills that I have learned, and apply them to workplace situations in the future. If I need to write a pertinent email to a client, or a memo to the the office, or if I need to construct a dynamic spread sheet for my database at work; all will be better off due to the information provided throughout this course.

linkedinGoing over some of the valuable resources that I was able to become comfortable with could help purvey how much I was able to learn from taking this course. For starters, LinkedIn was one of the tools we used throughout the course that helped me develop my personal brand into a more cohesive unit. With my newfound LinkedIn experience, I can spread my identity to like-minded individuals in the financial market. I can search for alumni of CU to “put my foot in the door” so to speak and develop meaningful relationships with respectful employers. I can develop my brand to become something more dynamic, allowing the credibility of my work history to show itself within a vast network. Lastly, LinkedIn will simply allow me to be taken more seriously as an employee.

By using LinkedIn and its third-party applications such as Lynda, I plan on increasing my capabilities within a workplace. Before taking this class I was not aware of Lynda and its ability to provide incredible amounts of information to those looking to increase their personal brand. Just from the courses we were forced to study, I was able to develop useful techniques that will help me become a more efficient worker in the future, and it won’t stop there. Lynda, being the resourceful tool that it is, can provide me with a number of tools that I plan on learning about to increase my human capital in the workforce.

Before I took this course, I wasn’t sure how effective I would portray my writing style, especially in a business environment. However, after completing this course I’ve come to realize that I like my writing style just the way it is. I learned interesting techniques through Lynda lectures, about what themes should be excluded or included bases on the situation at hand, but in the end, I appreciate the writing style that I have developed over the course of my career. My ability to describe the same idea in many different ways, my more analytical tone, both are aspects of my writing that I enjoy and do not wish to change.

The pieces of this course that I feel I excelled in were the individual blog posts, and the Personal Branding unit. I did have a slight advantage for the Personal Branding project since I already had a resume, and have had experience applying for jobs. I believe a real issue many people have when it comes to creating a resume and cover letter is the anxiety of what other people will think if it, but after you have done it a few times it becomes a much less stressful issue. As for the individual blog posts, I think I was able to a excel because of a combination of my passion for the subject material and comfortability writing about a specific subject. Other than those two, the rest of the course was a great experience that allowed me to explore areas for personal improvement.

All in all, I really enjoyed this course. It was a good experience, one that can be easily transitioned into an online environment. I believe that the combination of the source material, cooperative classmates, and a passionate instructor allowed me to expand my knowledge of business writing without any unneeded stress. Given the circumstances, I wouldn’t mind taking another course like this to continue to strengthen my ability to write in a business environment.



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My name is Nicholas Ralston and I'm a senior at CU. This blog will be about me and my relationship to pop culture through social media!

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