Cannot believe it is the last day of our five-week class. I still could remember the feeling I had before the class started. I was nervous because it is the first time I take an online course and it is a difficult writing course. I should say I am very afraid of  writing due to my experience when I took the first year writing class. So that why I chose to take it the summer before my last semester begins. I want to put more time on it and have a satisfied grade.

Preparation for the Job Market

36356-Work-Hard-Dream-BigAs I am a senior at CU-Boulder, having ability to find a job is something I have to acquire. It is a good chance to give my specific time to work on my application materials and know the details about job seeking. I have more things to do to land a job in finance or accounting, like personal branding and skill improvement. Before get into the job market, I will ask myself what I want to do and what is the expectation of my career. I hope I could make sure a specific direction that I want to get in. I have plan for my future, earn experience on related industries for 2-3 years, then I will go back to school to earn my master degree.

Portray Myself in the Professional World

Actually, I learned a lot in this class about how to portray myself in the professional world. I got many useful information and tips on how to create your personal branding, how to make good impression and how to prepare for your application materials. I have more sense on how to communicate with people in professional ways and what the best way to express to receive good result and reaction. I think these professional tips and writing skills could help me a lot in the future. And during these course period, I also learn another skill is managing my stress. This course is quick paced and I have to do everything on time. It is same in working, I think I will be good at managing my stress.

Discovery about Writing Style

It surprised me a lot that professional writing is very different from academic writing. And the Lynda is a good platform with all the perfect lectures related to many fields. Especially, it helps me a lot on the details of professional writing. Through all the blog posts, I think I do develop my own writing style and get into professional writing a little bit. It is a good practice to give me opportunities to apply my knowledge learning from lecture videos to real writing assignments. I could use professional writing to make a relationship with my readers as well build my personal branding at the same time.


I think one of the things I did well in this class is blog posting. As I said before, writing is some thing really difficult to me. Regardless of the grades I got on these assignments, I like the attitude I had when I did the blog posts. I thought carefully on the content I want to write and how to catch readers’ eyes. I wrote each blog several days ahead and book appointment with writing center each time. Then I put a lot time work on revision. I always think writing ability is my weakness due to my language, but I could over come these disadvantages by my hardworking.

Final Idea

Although It is my first time to take an online class and I often feel stressed and lack of help, I am still happy about that I could learn so many useful knowledge which could applied to my career from now on.



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