How time has passed. I remember I was rushing my first blog post just before the deadline, and in a blink of an eye I am now typing the last assignment of this course. This course has taught me valuable professional writing skills as well as career development skills. They are far more important and practical than any writing courses I have taken. The skills help me to adapt future professional working environment and not just focusing on academic.


This course has prepared me in the upcoming job-hunting process after my college graduation. I plan to improve my application portfolio with the knowledge I learned from this course. I will polish my resume and cover letter to perfection before I graduate. The thing I learned about resume and cover letter would definitely be helpful for grasping potential jobs and opportunities in the future. The exercises for personal branding are also important. I gained a deep understanding of the definition of personal branding. It reminds me that my actions define me and myself in other people’s mind. I hope to further improve my personal branding in college and future workplace as I develop my strength and network.


The-Pursuit-of-HappinessThe movie “Pursuit of Happiness” inspires me in my career pursuit; I remember how things turned around for Will Smith (Chris Gardner in real life) when he got the stockbroker job. That is why going into the financial field has always been my dream. Our group project was on millennial job searching in the financial field, it gave me an insight into nature of the financial sector and tips to land a finance job. This unit definitely helps me to plan ahead for my future.


After this course, I will try to portray myself as a sufficient communicator in the professional world. The technique I acquired from this course has definitely helped me in business communication and writing emails. I also want to portray myself as a motivated hard working individual to others; and this course has taught me to demonstrate it through my personal branding.


I discovered that the conciseness and simplicity of my writing style is similar with professional writing. In academic writing, we use many adjectives and adverbs to try to make the writing sound sufficient and to fulfill the word count requirement (ha-ha); but this often complicates and blurs the meaning. Sometimes I search the synonyms for some words because I use the same word over and over again in writing and besides my vocabulary is not too good. But it is completely different in professional writing. In professional writing, shorter is stronger; no wordiness, wordy phase, and meaningless expression. Simply writing down the message you are trying to say. Being considerate in professional writing is to make the massage easy to read and understand. Emphasize on the main theme. I think these concepts work well with my writing style because I don’t need to know many vocabularies to write.


Throughout the course I feel like my strengths in writing are organisation and being clear. I think I am good at communicating the message through my writing. I don’t use too complicated words. I organise my writing in a logical way that each paragraph has different message to present. But I still need to improve on the transition between paragraphs. I should start working on my writing weakness that I found out in this course in order to improve my professional writing.


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