The End of an Era

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 6.22.27 PM.pngI can’t believe the five weeks is up. It’s a weight off the shoulders but definitely a class that paid off. So much information has been packed into my brain these past five weeks I’m excited to take the information out into the real world and the job market.

What’s Next

Now I must take the information I learned in this class and take it into the real world. While doing research for this class I stumbled across an internship opportunity in Boulder. This company really intrigued me and not only did I write about it for the Personal Branding project but I plan on applying this weekend.

Im quite excited to take the documents I prepared in this class and send it out to an actual employer. There are still things I need to do to improve my personal brand for future occupations. I need to really amp up my social media scene. I currently do not have an Instagram and after doing a lot of Job Seeker research for my website I realized the importance of an Instagram. I want to be in the creative industry just not sure which one quite yet. What I do know now is that many and most employers like to see a creative personal brand on social media within their applicants. So after learning this I realized I really need to amp that up.

I also need to acquire more experience. I may only be 19 but my resume is a little lackluster. I have plenty of part-time work experience but I have learned that part time and non industry related work is not very beneficial to an application. I need to start networking more and planning ahead for summer internships to really improve that experience tab of the resume.

Portraying Myself

I have learned a few things in this class about how I want to portray myself in the work force. I believe I am a much better leader then I am follower. So in the future in the work place I need to remember the importance of establishing a voice of a leader. This will help me get ahead, progress up the ladder, earn more money as well as become a leader.

My Writing Style

My writing style has always been a little lackluster in a voice. I never really have been the best academic writer in school. Creative writing and other writings were never that difficult for me but the writing in school was never my strong suit.

I found this class to be very fun with the writing. I appreciate how business style writing works as I am now almost over the academic style of writing. In this class I have learned how to write in business style and I must say I like it a lot. I do not think I am too terrible at it either. Sometimes I wander on too much and over explain things out of an academic writing habit but in the end I think I am a much better writer in this style than academic writing.


I think I really excelled in this class with each of the projects. I have never had a class where I have done so well on so many assignments. Classes with this much homework I usually do quite mediocre in. For some reason I did pretty well with the homework assignments and I believe that has to do with my interest. I love learning about anything business related and so I think it helped me perform strongly in this class. All of the projects took a good amount of my time but it didn’t feel strenuous but more beneficial to me so that is why I feel I excelled in this class. I was intrigued and enjoyed learning what I did.


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