Wrapping It Up

A Pleasant Surprise

May I start off by saying how fast this past month has flown by? It feels like yesterday that I was just logging into D2L for the first time with no real idea as to what to expect from a month-long business writing course. Ever since high school, I have always secretly wanted a run-down of all the dos and don’ts of being a young professional. To my surprise, this class did just that and much, much more. Thanks to all of the information I have learned this past month, I feel confident in my abilities to tackle business related endeavors now and in the future.

Moving Forward

Accounting and finance recruiting season is right around the corner, which is perfect time for me to put the skills I learned in this class to good use. I will be on the hunt for an  internship for the next summer and I need to make sure I am ready to go as the school year starts, as it is very competitive. To prepare, I will use the resume and cover letter I prepared for this class to meet with my career advisor for further guidance as to what to tailor when I apply for specific companies that I have on my radar. This will help me ensure that over writing, I am portraying myself in the way I would like my personal brand to be perceived by my audience.

As I reflect upon the last 5 weeks, I have learned exactly how I should conduct myself in order to capitalize the way I am portrayed in the professional world. Lynda lectures were crucial in showing me areas to improve myself through writing. I had previously thought that the wordier I made myself sound, the more professional I would come across. Lynda really shed some light on the importance of being concise and clear in my writing, and really keeping the wants, needs and feelings of my audience in mind when constructing what I would like to say.

In addition to writing, the online audit helped me realize the impact of social media presence in developing a distinguished personal brand. Various professional workshops had engrained in me to be very conscious of the kind of information/photos I post on the internet. I had always been taught to make sure that my social media accounts are private, so that there is nothing recruiters could find that could be negative or offensive. Although I am not very active on social media, I kept my accounts off-limits to anyone who I did not give special access to. The audit made me conscious of how even this can be negatively perceived as though I have something to hide, a perspective I had never considered before. I learned to google myself from an objective perspective, and see my online presence from the view of a stranger which really helped me reflect on the way my personal brand was being perceived.

Reflection, Reflection, Reflection

helloquence-51716This course forced me to analyze all aspects of my writing, both negative and positive. Although I struggled at making my writing more clear, concise and less wordy, I was surprised to find out that I had been subconsciously using other writing techniques before I learned of them in the Lynda lectures. I have grown to appreciate how I am able to analyze the reactions of my audience and tailor my response that makes the best of every situation. Furthermore, I am realize that planning before sending an email is fundamental in making sure I cover all of the points that I intend.

All in all, the part of the course in which I excelled was the composition of my application materials. My past experience in various professional organizations like Delta Sigma Pi and Beta Alpha Psi has allowed me to prepare a polished LinkedIn profile, practice tailoring my resume to a specific job posting, and writing a cover letter to express my personal brand. Although I knew the suggested procedure for these application materials, it was helpful to hear them one last time before I push myself into the job world once again.


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