CBS Boston & graphic design

cbs-logo.jpgCBS Boston is one of the websites that i rely heavily on to get information on what is going on in my hometown. They do a good job of making sure that whatever the message is that they’re putting out, that it is clear and appealing to the audience.

They do a good job at applying user centered design and making the documents that they have easy to access and locate. The information that they are telling the audience about is also presented in a good manner that is easy to understand. They are not dumbing down any information or anything to that extent but the sentences are easy to read while also keeping the audience entertained.

The website has good visual rhetoric as well, they provide pictures to all or almost every article they have and when you open the home page you will see a lot of images that are beneficial to the site. They appeal to the audience by using photos of Boston sports teams, what happening in the community, and usually pictures of children.




Fashion…Just wait until you see Elison Rd.!


Elison Rd. is a women’s clothing and accessories boutique selling the latest new trends appealing to most women ages ranging from teenagers to young adults. I regularly receive emails from this company, approximately about 3-4 per week. Since the brand that this company is trying to sell is women’s chic and trendy clothing; the homepage for their website is a look-book for their most popular music festival looks. This boutique is based out of southern California, having one store in Seal Beach (original) and one in Long Beach. There is also one more location in Boulder, CO. The main purpose of this company’s website is to promote stylish attire that is up-to-date with the latest trends to a younger audience.

Rhetorical Awareness

From the looks of their website, and the style of their clothes on models, I believe it’s safe to say that Elison Rd.’s target audience focusses on younger adults. The brand thatelison_point they portray through their clothes, brings a mindset of “What’s in now?” “Boho, trendy, chic.” Although I use my email often, there is a possibility that many customers my age do not. Therefore, a huge social media platform that Elison Rd. utilizes is their Instagram which is also linked to their Facebook.  Having a huge emphasis on a social media platform like, Instagram, it’s is a great way to appeal to an audience that regularly checks Instagram. I would attest that most people ranging from the ages of 18-25 (approx.) check their Instagram more than they would check their email. By posting multiple times a day, it shows an active company drawing suitable customers’ attention.

User-Centered Design

Through Elison Rd.’s vibrant colors shown in pictures of models in their products, softly uniformed color schemes on each tab/page, and even their alluring fonts through their picture look-book’s, they focus heavily on user-centered design to attract a boho-typed look/scheme. Since it is a clothing and accessories company, their brand is to appeal to any women with the same style and sense of fashion they promote. I personally would say, by the knowledge I have on younger millennials in current day, that that is Elison Rd.’s target audience. Noticing that there are 3 locations of this boutique (2 in California, 1 in Colorado), I believe that their brand is also selling to people in those environments as well. Boulder has been well-known to attract many younger adults from California, so it would be smart for their clothes and company to place another store in a Colorado location. This relates directly to the products they sell through their designs by having most products appeal to a summer, free, boho vibe.

One thing I did notice, was that the company website focusses only on their products (through new-arrivals, look-books, best-sellers, etc.) but their isn’t much information on the background of the company. I feel that most customers would appreciate having some background knowledge, if they preferred it; it could do no harm! The website definitely stays updated on the latest fashion trends, which nowadays, many younger adult audiences appreciate and look for.

Visual Rhetoric

Now focusing solely on the presentation and layout of the website, there are many things that I know draw my attention, that would also attract the styles of people who are interested in this company’s products. The color schemes they use throughout this website, have a “sunshine” feel to them, definitely a California desert AND beach vibe. The homepage of the website consists of their “festival” look-book, mainly for women going to the music festival, Coachella (in my opinion). The homepage also entails tabs that lead to the company’s swimwear, outerwear, and dresses. Based off of the models in this picture, it’s leaning in the direction of spring time/summer time so they’re definitely staying up to date with the weather aspect of  it all. Overall, their brand is unique and set’s itself apart based off of their vibrant colors and pictures, while also keeping in touch with the products their selling to a certain audience.

CorePower Yoga


The Website

The CorePower yoga website is a site that I often receive emails and information from. I regularly attend yoga so getting emails encouraging me to take free classes and to get sales on clothing is really appealing. Since the website promotes a healthy, active lifestyle this is something that is really appealing to younger, millennial audiences. The introductory page of the website is a video of people taking a yoga sculpt class, simply put it is a fast paced yoga class that uses weights. This website is a source for information on CorePower, class schedules, and the moto of this business.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 3.09.54 PM.pngRhetorical Awareness

CorePower Yoga arguably targets a younger, active audience. Considering that two of their main platforms are email and Instagram they are targeting an audience that are regular users of these platforms. The moto for the website, that is repeated across the website is “Live your Power.” This moto is a promotion of what we are all capable of and I think they are aware that promoting their company by being positive and uplifting is appealing to many audiences.

User-Centered Designed

The aspect of user-centered design is seen in this website in that it was designed and marketed toward a specific audience using images, videos, and a layout that will appeal to their market audience. They identified the type of people who will be using their product (in this case yoga), which is why this website is market toward those who want to live a healthy lifestyle and those who already live this lifestyle. Another aspect of the website that is really interesting is the “blog” section, this part of the website gives user insight on first hand experiences of those who attend CorePower. Again, this aspect of the website is appealing to a younger audience, those who like to read about a product before experiencing it.

Visual Rhetoric

The first thing I noticed when going on the website were the colors, the colors are all really bright and uplifting I’m guessing this was the point of using yellows and oranges. I also was attracted to the introduction video on the website, the video was of a class I regularly attend and it was interesting to see the kinds of people they used for this video. All of the people in the video are fit and look to be in their 20s, they want viewers to look up to these people and aim to be like them. Membership information is on a completely different page, probably because they want viewers to see other material instead of seeing the pricing right away.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher_report_logoBleacher Report is a sports reporting hub that users can expect to read about a plethora of stories and receive breaking news about the world of sports. Bleacher Report uses a variety of platforms such as an iPhone app, a website, and social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. By using these platforms, it allows the company to be connected to users and update them with the newest and most information at all times, whether they are at home or on-the-go.

By following the account on different social media platforms, it allows for the user to constantly see what is going on in a night and get the biggest stories without devoting all their time to watching sports. There is an incentive for the user because one can see the best plays of a night or receive vital information and be entertained and informed. This is also beneficial because one can follow their favorite sports, leagues and their teams from the collegiate to professional level, and fighters in both the MMA and WWE.

I personally use Bleacher Report because I am so accustomed to it. It is based in San Francisco, California close to my home so I have used it to follow my local sports teams for yecbc4522db90f94a873f50d976421ff97_crop_exactars now. It generally gives me quick highlights, especially on Instagram, where I can tag my friends to show them interesting sports news, plays, and scores. This website has grown so much and continues to play an integral role in daily life because of the quickness of news stories, as well as the endless amount of stories and entertainment posted to the page capturing my attention.

In addition, the website’s home page is crafted in a way to stroll down and stream up-to-date videos and stories enabling the users to see different posts throughout the night of the most important information. This allows for people to specifically choose what type of specific information they want to know about it and then go on to give them the insight they are looking for.

Bleacher Report also boasts an incredible amount of followers so it promotes user interactions such as comments and responses. This sports reporting hub encourages their audience to interact by posting on social media allowing them to gain insight and spark conversation consequently attracting more people. According to the Shorty Awards, Bleacher Report’s Facebook page generated a whopping 104 million interactions proving how entertaining and successful their approach to journalism is.

According to Allen Brizee’s definition, stakeholders can come across either the website or social media presence as well because of the entertainment of the top plays in a night and the funniest plays of the night. Furthermore, important stories that are posted that cause public attention can be posted on Bleacher Report and draw attention to people not even interested in sports.

A very helpful tool that Bleacher Report offers is the ability to order tickets on a link on their website to This partnership allows for a user to receive information such as that their team made the playoffs. From that point on a user can learn the date, time, and location of the playoff game and then easily click the “tickets” link in the task bar to be directed to and turn this information into a reality by attending the game.

Up-to-date journalism that Bleacher Report offers is an essential part of both society and the media today. It provides the standard for notifying users and among the most popular in the sports journalism industry for the modern era. It is constantly new allowing for a next generation appeal to journalism.


Bleacher Report

The Website

I personally am a huge user of Instagram. I find myself wondering on Instagram at all times of the day. Luckily I follow one of the most updated sports pages on there. Bleacher Report is one of the most up to date sporting news in the business. Bleacher Report’s Instagram page is one of their primary sources to output their live and current sports content. They bring in current sports content as well as bringing their own narrative on athletes and their opinions.

Bleacher ReportBleacher Report is really special because on top on the updates on sporting events, they create their own narrative and commentary about whats going on in the sports world. They are innovative in the sports industry because they have cartoon series’ and their captions are incredible.


Rhetorical Awareness

Bleacher Report targets the millennial audience. It is so clever because its main platform social media. Most of its content is on Twitter and Facebook. Because the millennials are so tech savvy and addicted to social media, it has become easier them to reach their target market all over. With the use of their large social media presence, they are able draw a lot of attention toward their new way of broadcasting sporting news.

Bleacher Report’s purpose is to change the way sports are broadcasted. Although there are live streams of sports, Bleacher Report creates a new and immediate effect on

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 11.25.22 PM.pnghighlights and sports narrative. This has created a huge social impact on sports and how they are perceived. The main people using social media are millennials, and that is who they are directing their content toward. There are many stakeholders for Bleacher Report including their own staff, the viewers, the athletes themselves, and all of the new advertisers using bleacher report as way to market their own content. The context that include current events of sports alongside the everyday culture of millennials.

User-Centered Designed

Because Bleacher Report is primarily featured on other platforms, the content is directly tailored to the user. Instagram and Twitter are easy for short clips and promo videos. Facebook is easier to address longer highlight reels and cartoon videos as well as a Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 11.54.25 PM.pngcomment section for discussion. Bleacher Reports primary website has all of the above listed as original content. This is where they show all of their social media posts as well as their own tv series and cartoon series that has to do with sports.

In reality, Bleacher Reports main website is compilation of all of their social media post. It is a really great way for them to intertwine all of their content. A user and fan of Bleacher Report is able to keep up with not only new sports content, but Bleacher Reports content as well all on the same page. It is more user friendly on the website because you can filter what you are looking for versus only receiving a current feed of what they are posting.



ESPN, most of you know what it is but, for those of you that do not, ESPN is a sports news network. ESPN started out as Entertainment and Sports Programming Network but officially changed to just ESPN in 1985 as well as adopting their current logo. ESPN’s site bombards the viewer with options and coverage which, makes sense since they cover every sport in great depth, but, thankfully allows frequent visitors to filter the information to just the teams and sports they want coverage of. I visit either their app, website or channel multiple times a day for a more direct and informative style of reporting in comparison to Bleacherreport.

Rhetorical Awareness

ESPN knows exactly what to report on and who reads their articles, sports fans and all types of sports fans. They have a relatively easy audience to appease as most sports fans follow a few sports or sports teams religiously and ESPN caters to this by allowing the user to create an account that will be feed articles that relate directly to the readers preferences. ESPN is such a large company they can have journalists in every major sports city dealing with every major sports team to ensure that they never miss a relevant story for sports fanatics. If something is happening in sport ESPN has an article on it.

An easy, user friendly interface

ESPN offers free accounts that allow readers to switch seamlessly between devices and will even send up to the second updates directly to all devices associated with the account if anything happens in regards to the categories one has selected. As a busy college student I love this feature as I do not always have time to sit down and watch my favorite teams games but I never miss out on the action as ESPN keeps me informed. I find ESPN app be have a simpler more sleek design than the website which can be a bit clunky to use. The website offers so much information, even with the filters being used, that important articles and information can be lost. If I know exactly what I am looking for the search bar on the site helps streamline the process but, takes more time then I’d like so I believe an update to the site could help. The app is so easy to use and is more streamlined to ones individual preferences that I tend to access the news through there. The thumbnails and article titles function extremely well as attention grabbers. The thumbnails are just big enough for readers to get a gist of the article without giving away the whole story. The article titles being in a slightly larger font help to ensure user are drawn to them instead on to the side menus.