Looking Back

Looking Back 

This course has truly opened my eyes to several aspects of the professional world that I had not payed close enough attention to. Although certain things like monitoring social media and building your resume had been something that I was previously aware of, I had never truly realized the impact things can have on your professional career. With that being said, I plan to utilize everything that I have learned in this course to further grow both personally and professionally.


Above all, I truly saw all of the Lynda lectures to be extremely beneficial. Not only were they detailed and easy to understand, but they were relevant. After the first assignment using Lynda, I found myself browsing through all of the different video lectures and scanning those that I found intriguing. There had been a lot of emphasis on one’s personal brand and how to build it and after this course I can truly say that I am aware of how to establish and build upon one.

How I’ve Benefited

Initially, I was nervous to take a business writing class because I am not as keen on writing professionally than I am recreationally. I thought that the course would be more dull but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was extremely engaging and interesting. I have learned what it means to be professional both online and in my personal life through the different assignments and lectures involved in the course.

In regards to my professional career, this course has allowed me to realize that marketing and/or management is the path that I want to remain on. Those career paths allow me to be creative while remaining professional, which is something I hope to be able to achieve. In addition, searching for relevant jobs through LinkedIn for an assignment was also extremely beneficial because it allowed me to study and go more in depth into certain career paths.

Through the numerous blog posts, websites, and video lecture responses, I have learned a lot in regards to my writing style as well as writing preference. I found that I genuinely enjoy writing blogs and building an image, whether it be for a website, topic, or personal brand. I think that the ability to freely write about a topic and portray it in a certain way using images, words, links, etc. to be a fun task. This proves to be useful because it further ensures my desire to enter the field of marketing and/or management.

This course has allowed me to improve my professional career and persona and I am extremely thankful that I was able to take so much from an online course at CU. Taking an online course requires organization and focus and this class has allowed me to improve as a student by requiring such skills to be utilized just about daily. I found that the course load and requirements to be manageable, which allowed me to truly put in effort and time into each assignment.

I am happy to say that this course has been one of the most useful courses I have taken at CU Boulder because it allowed me to improve in both a personal and professional standpoint. Through growing and improving my LinkedIn profile and doing my own research on millennials and their tech savvy skills, I have learned a great deal about relevant concepts in my life.

Open Doors and Windows

What Do I Do Now?

It is time I consider looking forward and making the steps towards reaching my potential. As I look towards the job scene as a near college graduate, it is essential that I diversify my skills and continue to personalize my brand. From learning new languages to proving my ambition for employers, I am confident that I will be successful during my job-hunting seasons. In the article, “How to Prepare Young People for Jobs of the Future”, Jennifer Kushell states that “At the most fundamental level, soft skills like interpersonal communication, the ability to speak and write correctly and present ideas clearly, are the areas most often cited when employers discuss the downside of hiring young people.” If anything, my soft communication skills are one of the stronger aspects of my character, so in order to continue making my brand authentic I will continue to initiate direct conversation as often as I can with employers and prove that I am the well spoken individual I am.

Standing Out In The Crowd

It is the same drive that compels me to prove through conversation that I am a worthwhile candidate that also pushes me to go the extra mile in all of my professional works, whether writing or otherwise. Even if it is just a bit of flair, any additions to what I put out into the professional world that might potentially spark the connection with an employer are worthwhile. Writing a blog forces me to focus on authenticity, as I want anyone that reads my words to understand my professional self to fullest extent I can express. If it gets my foot in the door long enough for a few words, it will all have been worthWRTG3040Writing it. Beyond that, persevering with a goal of formal authenticity helps present a unique look at my person through a lense.

Writing With My Own Voice

The intricacies of writing have shown me that in addition to striving for authenticity in my writing, I also stylistically like to maintain a more formal persona. Even when expressing casual and personal communications, I like to maintain order and form with my words. The easiest way to describe it is that I feel that my authentic self is a formal communicator, so for me to go beyond that comfort zone and attempt to write something in a more zany or upbeat manner is almost unnatural for me. All my life people that were older than I was have told me that one day social media will come back to haunt my generation, which is why I have always fully embraced a formal persona. Even when messaging on my phone, I do my best maintain grammar and punctuation at the minimum- I think shortened abbreviations in communications are too impersonal.

A Learning Process

I have excelled in every aspect of this course, from expressing opinions, my values, and even myself. I have had no troubles presenting my information in whatever ways are required of me, and I have especially enjoyed the fundamental concept of a blog. While I may not have entered this course a blogger, I certainly might leave as one- although I might have to find a niche that properly suits my writing style as well as my personal interests. On the flip side, my technical skills were certainly challenged in this course, but I can proudly say I have mastered the art of hyperlinking. Ultimately I can say that my writing skills have certainly improved over the course of this class, as I have had to approach discussions and verbatim in an abstract medium that I was formerly unfamiliar with.


How time has passed. I remember I was rushing my first blog post just before the deadline, and in a blink of an eye I am now typing the last assignment of this course. This course has taught me valuable professional writing skills as well as career development skills. They are far more important and practical than any writing courses I have taken. The skills help me to adapt future professional working environment and not just focusing on academic.


This course has prepared me in the upcoming job-hunting process after my college graduation. I plan to improve my application portfolio with the knowledge I learned from this course. I will polish my resume and cover letter to perfection before I graduate. The thing I learned about resume and cover letter would definitely be helpful for grasping potential jobs and opportunities in the future. The exercises for personal branding are also important. I gained a deep understanding of the definition of personal branding. It reminds me that my actions define me and myself in other people’s mind. I hope to further improve my personal branding in college and future workplace as I develop my strength and network.


The-Pursuit-of-HappinessThe movie “Pursuit of Happiness” inspires me in my career pursuit; I remember how things turned around for Will Smith (Chris Gardner in real life) when he got the stockbroker job. That is why going into the financial field has always been my dream. Our group project was on millennial job searching in the financial field, it gave me an insight into nature of the financial sector and tips to land a finance job. This unit definitely helps me to plan ahead for my future.


After this course, I will try to portray myself as a sufficient communicator in the professional world. The technique I acquired from this course has definitely helped me in business communication and writing emails. I also want to portray myself as a motivated hard working individual to others; and this course has taught me to demonstrate it through my personal branding.


I discovered that the conciseness and simplicity of my writing style is similar with professional writing. In academic writing, we use many adjectives and adverbs to try to make the writing sound sufficient and to fulfill the word count requirement (ha-ha); but this often complicates and blurs the meaning. Sometimes I search the synonyms for some words because I use the same word over and over again in writing and besides my vocabulary is not too good. But it is completely different in professional writing. In professional writing, shorter is stronger; no wordiness, wordy phase, and meaningless expression. Simply writing down the message you are trying to say. Being considerate in professional writing is to make the massage easy to read and understand. Emphasize on the main theme. I think these concepts work well with my writing style because I don’t need to know many vocabularies to write.


Throughout the course I feel like my strengths in writing are organisation and being clear. I think I am good at communicating the message through my writing. I don’t use too complicated words. I organise my writing in a logical way that each paragraph has different message to present. But I still need to improve on the transition between paragraphs. I should start working on my writing weakness that I found out in this course in order to improve my professional writing.

Jordan Norman: Reflection

As I prepare to graduate college in December, a question often floating around my mind is: what next?

Looking Ahead

From personal branding to networking, this class has helped and prepared me for this next step in my life.

To prepare for the job market, I am going to utilize every resource the University of Colorado prepares for me in terms of mentors, networking events, career fairs, LinkedIn workshops, and other events. I have learned that exposure and connections in any field you plan to go into is important, especially when you have a strong and driven personal brand.

Writing 3040 has prepared me for personal branding in many ways. One, it was taught me through readings and resources how to appropriately market yourself and what is important versus not important. I have had social media since I was in middle school-


starting from MySpace, to Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter and so on. These social media platforms always made me feel connected to friends and distant family, however, it is crucial to utilize and market yourself on the forms as well. I will prepare for the job market by coinciding all of my social media platforms to align with my personal brand, as well as keep a precise resume and LinkedIn page which promotes who I want to be seen as as an employee.

Who that, who that?

I learned a lot about how I want to portray myself in the professional world.  As mentioned above, I have been on social media since it first came out in late elementary school and early middle school. As a twelve year old, did I think about how I looked to


future employers? The answer is no. Now that I am older and have read resources, such as those in this class, I have come to learn the immense importance of social media and how I portray myself from it. I learned that employers really do search every form ofsocial media and how crucial it is to my professional well being. I also learned how important grammar and professionalism over text is, for example spelling errors in emails or punctuation misuse in cover letters.

I Like your Style

I discovered a lot about my writing style in this class. I learned that my writing tends to be more fiction or casual, however, this is not preferred in business writing.  I tend to write to intrigue emotion in my readers, and tell a story. However, business writing does not care about emotion or stories- but business writing cares about preciseness and efficiency when getting your memo and information across. I learned a lot about business writing in this class and what it should include, and keep out, and learned my writing tends to go more towards the fun side of literature rather than information and preferred forms in business situations.

Up, Up & Away

Writing has always been something I have enjoyed, and considerably one of my strong suits. When taking a course on business writing, I was honestly nervous. I have always gone to writing as an escape, and when I hear business writing, my first impression was honestly: “This is going to be boring”.


On the contrary, this class was far from boring. Our business writing course integrated fun and modern day themes by incorporating blogging, graphic design, and real life document preparing such as resumes and cover letters. I excelled in this course by taking what I already knew and loved about writing, and applying it to where I strive to be in life and how and what I need to write to get there. This class was truly a pleasure. Thank you.


Cannot believe it is the last day of our five-week class. I still could remember the feeling I had before the class started. I was nervous because it is the first time I take an online course and it is a difficult writing course. I should say I am very afraid of  writing due to my experience when I took the first year writing class. So that why I chose to take it the summer before my last semester begins. I want to put more time on it and have a satisfied grade.

Preparation for the Job Market

36356-Work-Hard-Dream-BigAs I am a senior at CU-Boulder, having ability to find a job is something I have to acquire. It is a good chance to give my specific time to work on my application materials and know the details about job seeking. I have more things to do to land a job in finance or accounting, like personal branding and skill improvement. Before get into the job market, I will ask myself what I want to do and what is the expectation of my career. I hope I could make sure a specific direction that I want to get in. I have plan for my future, earn experience on related industries for 2-3 years, then I will go back to school to earn my master degree.

Portray Myself in the Professional World

Actually, I learned a lot in this class about how to portray myself in the professional world. I got many useful information and tips on how to create your personal branding, how to make good impression and how to prepare for your application materials. I have more sense on how to communicate with people in professional ways and what the best way to express to receive good result and reaction. I think these professional tips and writing skills could help me a lot in the future. And during these course period, I also learn another skill is managing my stress. This course is quick paced and I have to do everything on time. It is same in working, I think I will be good at managing my stress.

Discovery about Writing Style

It surprised me a lot that professional writing is very different from academic writing. And the Lynda is a good platform with all the perfect lectures related to many fields. Especially, it helps me a lot on the details of professional writing. Through all the blog posts, I think I do develop my own writing style and get into professional writing a little bit. It is a good practice to give me opportunities to apply my knowledge learning from lecture videos to real writing assignments. I could use professional writing to make a relationship with my readers as well build my personal branding at the same time.


I think one of the things I did well in this class is blog posting. As I said before, writing is some thing really difficult to me. Regardless of the grades I got on these assignments, I like the attitude I had when I did the blog posts. I thought carefully on the content I want to write and how to catch readers’ eyes. I wrote each blog several days ahead and book appointment with writing center each time. Then I put a lot time work on revision. I always think writing ability is my weakness due to my language, but I could over come these disadvantages by my hardworking.

Final Idea

Although It is my first time to take an online class and I often feel stressed and lack of help, I am still happy about that I could learn so many useful knowledge which could applied to my career from now on.


Wrapping It Up

A Pleasant Surprise

May I start off by saying how fast this past month has flown by? It feels like yesterday that I was just logging into D2L for the first time with no real idea as to what to expect from a month-long business writing course. Ever since high school, I have always secretly wanted a run-down of all the dos and don’ts of being a young professional. To my surprise, this class did just that and much, much more. Thanks to all of the information I have learned this past month, I feel confident in my abilities to tackle business related endeavors now and in the future.

Moving Forward

Accounting and finance recruiting season is right around the corner, which is perfect time for me to put the skills I learned in this class to good use. I will be on the hunt for an  internship for the next summer and I need to make sure I am ready to go as the school year starts, as it is very competitive. To prepare, I will use the resume and cover letter I prepared for this class to meet with my career advisor for further guidance as to what to tailor when I apply for specific companies that I have on my radar. This will help me ensure that over writing, I am portraying myself in the way I would like my personal brand to be perceived by my audience.

As I reflect upon the last 5 weeks, I have learned exactly how I should conduct myself in order to capitalize the way I am portrayed in the professional world. Lynda lectures were crucial in showing me areas to improve myself through writing. I had previously thought that the wordier I made myself sound, the more professional I would come across. Lynda really shed some light on the importance of being concise and clear in my writing, and really keeping the wants, needs and feelings of my audience in mind when constructing what I would like to say.

In addition to writing, the online audit helped me realize the impact of social media presence in developing a distinguished personal brand. Various professional workshops had engrained in me to be very conscious of the kind of information/photos I post on the internet. I had always been taught to make sure that my social media accounts are private, so that there is nothing recruiters could find that could be negative or offensive. Although I am not very active on social media, I kept my accounts off-limits to anyone who I did not give special access to. The audit made me conscious of how even this can be negatively perceived as though I have something to hide, a perspective I had never considered before. I learned to google myself from an objective perspective, and see my online presence from the view of a stranger which really helped me reflect on the way my personal brand was being perceived.

Reflection, Reflection, Reflection

helloquence-51716This course forced me to analyze all aspects of my writing, both negative and positive. Although I struggled at making my writing more clear, concise and less wordy, I was surprised to find out that I had been subconsciously using other writing techniques before I learned of them in the Lynda lectures. I have grown to appreciate how I am able to analyze the reactions of my audience and tailor my response that makes the best of every situation. Furthermore, I am realize that planning before sending an email is fundamental in making sure I cover all of the points that I intend.

All in all, the part of the course in which I excelled was the composition of my application materials. My past experience in various professional organizations like Delta Sigma Pi and Beta Alpha Psi has allowed me to prepare a polished LinkedIn profile, practice tailoring my resume to a specific job posting, and writing a cover letter to express my personal brand. Although I knew the suggested procedure for these application materials, it was helpful to hear them one last time before I push myself into the job world once again.