Annotated Bibliography

Basic Requirements

Length: Each group member must complete 15 annotations,

  • 5 should be formal sources retrieved from databases (from peer reviewed or trade journals – See WRTG 3040 Research Guide  for more info),
  • 10 should be from credible lay sources

Formatting: Use the Annotation Format given after the rubric.

Special Instructions:

  • If you are not familiar with the Business Library resources, please visit the WRTG 3040 Research Guide (developed by Leeds librarians) to help you get started. 
  • Group members should complete their research on their own
  • Group members should complete their annotations on their own and alphabetize them correctly (by filling out the provided Annotation Format Form) 
  • Compile all annotations into one group document for submission, divided by group member
  • Grades are individual, but you should submit one group document that is formatted with the same spacing, font, font size, etc.

Required Reading and Resources

Project Instructions

  • Divide up your research areas and who will write what for the website and presentation. Make sure that everyone has a part in both the design process and content research. 
  • Do your individual research. You will probably look at more articles than just these 15 sources.
  • Compile your 15 sources that you will actually be using and citing in your website copy and presentation.
  • Create an annotation for each citation, using the provided Annotation Format Form
  • Alphabetize your list.
  • Compile all group members’ lists into one document. I suggest you create a Google doc to allow everyone access to this and for easy editing.
  • Remember to put each group member’s name before their list.
  • Make sure all fonts, font sizes, heading styles, etc. are consistent before turning in.
  • One group member should submit the compiled AB with your Slide Deck.

Revision Options

The AB is graded pass/fail on an individual basis and is not eligible for revision. All Basic Requirements must be met to receive a passing grade. Any failure to follow the directions may result in a failing grade.

Grading Rubric

This assignment is graded pass/fail. Either you have completed the correct amount of annotations with the required information satisfactorily met or you have not.

Annotation Format:

Use the Annotation Format Form and answer the questions. Copy and paste the form for each annotation and leave the questions and formatting.