Comment Guidelines


You will leave a total of 25 comments on your classmates blog posts. You should be aiming to post 5 per post category (5 for BP1, 5 for BP2, etc.). You may also respond to up to 2 comments on your own blog posts. Comments are due the week after the blog post is scheduled (Comments on BP 4 are due the week you’ll write BP 5 to allow everyone time to respond). 

* You will NOT respond to Blog Post 6 “Reflection” 

Basic Requirements

  • Comments must be between 75-100 words
  • Comments must engage with the content of the author’s work. Ideas like “Good Job” or “I don’t like this” will not suffice. Give your own thoughts about the content in the post
  • You will not ever comment on the quality of your classmates posts. This is not a workshop, you are the audience for the post and should respond accordingly.


Comments are graded pass/fail. If they are late or if you miss even one, you will fail the entire week.


Comments are graded pass/fail based on adherence to the directions. All comments must be made during the week they are assigned (as “Deadlines” on the Course Schedule) or they will be considered failing. Comments are not eligible for revision, nor can they be “made up” after the fact.