Conference Call


Remember that your group is the conference call leader. Make decisions about how to start the call, how to show me your slide deck (I suggest using the screen share feature in Skype), and how you will guide the call overall. I will defer to you as the leader for the first half of the call, so be prepared! 

Basic Requirements

Length: 25-30 minutes for presenting, 45-60 minute for call

Formatting: Presentation slides must be in PDF format, Use Skype for call itself.

Special Instructions:

  • Everyone must attend the conference call
  • Everyone must speak during the presentation
  • Everyone must be able to answer any of my questions about your project. This means everyone needs to know the pitch backwards and forwards. (I may ask how certain ideas connect, clarification or more information about your project’s plans)

Required Reading and Resources

Required Reading


3040 and Beyond Pinterest: Presentations

Project Instructions

  • Do your research and create your slides.
  • Determine how you’ll set up your call. You may need to learn some stuff about Skype if you’re not familiar with group calls. 
  • If you plan to use a study room in Koelbel to conduct your call make sure you have the room for more time than the allotted meeting time. Double check this — every semester someone makes a mistake and loses points for being in the wrong room.
  • Determine what your backup plan is if you have tech difficulties.
  • Practice setting up your call more than once.
  • Practice your backup plan.
  • Practice your presentation.
  • Get “there” early the day of your call and make sure all internet connections are secure, that you have your space for the correct amount of time, etc. Troubleshoot before there is trouble.
  • Conduct your call with confidence!

Revision Options

The Conference Call is graded pass/fail and is not eligible for revision. You must receive above an 80% on the rubric to be considered passing. All Basic Requirements must be met to receive a passing grade. Any failure to follow the directions may result in a failing grade.

Grading Rubric

Rhetorical Strategy:

How well have you identified and addressed your audience?

____ 25 (Pathos): Development of Unified Voice

  • How well branded is your presentation style?
  • How well informed is the group about the entire project?
  • Can each group member speak to the content of your project as a whole?

____ 25 (Ethos): Research and Presentation Style

  • Are you (as a group) exhibiting presentation skills that are covered in the “Presentation Fundamentals” lecture?
  • How well prepared are you in starting the call?
  • If there are tech difficulties, how smoothly do you handle the problem?
  • How well set up are you to conduct your call? (Quiet area, no interruptions, etc.)

____ 25 (Logos): Organization of Information and Document Design

  • How well designed is your presentation in terms of  introduction, information (content),  transitions and conclusions?
  • How easily do you shift between presenters?

Rhetorical Awareness:

How well have you addressed the project’s requirements and objectives?

____ 25