Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this course:

Q: Who should take this class? 

A: This class is restricted to CU Boulder students. The course is geared towards students in Leeds School of Business, but other majors are welcome. We’ll use a lot of Leeds recommended material.

Q: Is there a prerequisite for this class?

A: No, but this class assumes that you have taken WRTG 1150 or its equivalent. This class is also geared towards folks with third year standing and above. Second year students often struggle with the advanced workload. *Please note this if you are a freshman or sophomore.

Q: Is taking online classes easier than on campus classes? 

A: In some cases, sure. In this case, no. Taking this class online is more convenient than taking it on campus, but if you’re looking for an easier course than one you’d take on campus, this ain’t it.

Q: Why isn’t this class easier than on campus classes? I was told online classes were easier/other online classes I’ve taken are easier than their on campus counterparts. 

A: This class has to meet the Colorado Commission for Higher Education’s standards as a Guarantee Transfer credit (meaning that this class will transfer to any public institution in Colorado). That means we have to do the exact same amount of work and to the exact same standards as on campus classes.

Also, ethics. Duh.

Q: When are assignments due?

A: 11:59 PM (Boulder time) of the day they are listed in the course schedule.

Q: The internet is out at my house! Can I turn an assignment in late? 

A: No. No late assignments. Have an alternate plan for what to do if your internet fails, even if it’s late at night. If you’re in a real pinch, you can probably tether to your phone for a few minutes to get your assignment in (data charges may apply– I am not responsible for any charges you incur. Make sure you know what you’re getting into).  There are a million ways around this, so no excuses.

Q: I don’t have a computer with access to a microphone and camera and I need to Skype with you. What should I do? 

A: Here’s a link to all the on campus computer labs. Find one that suits your needs. If you are out of state, your local library probably has options. Contact them in advance.

Q: My computer died and all my assignments were lost! Can I turn things in late?

A: Nope. No late assignments for this class. You should be saving all your work in your personal Drive folder. If you prefer other cloud storage, that’s fine, but your Drive folder is easily shared with me (quickly) in the event that a disaster occurs.


Q: How do I make a WordPress account without a blog? 

A: Click here to go to the correct page.

Q: How do I make a WordPress website/blog of my own?

A: This should help. 

Q: How should I figure out how to do stuff in WordPress like text wrap images and link urls? 

A: Those questions are answered in the Blog Post Guidelines in D2L, but you can always search WordPress Support for answers when you don’t know what to do in WP. It uses pictures to get you on the right track!

Q: What should I do if D2L doesn’t work? 

A: Email me to let me know. If you’re having trouble using D2L Dropbox, then attach your assignment to the email so you aren’t penalized for lateness.

Q: What if D2L is having an outage? 

A: Most of our work is easily done outside of D2L. We’ll keep going using our class Drive folder, the class WordPress site and email. Make sure you email Allison and OIT if you find that D2L is having an unexpected outage.

Q: What if I already have a resume? Do I have to create a new one? 

A: If you have a resume that has been workshopped (at least 2 times) with a Leeds career counselor and/or you are using the Leeds format, then no because you have already fulfilled the assignment’s parameters. Otherwise, do the assignment as stated.

Q: I’ve already written so many cover letters! Do I have to write a new one? 

A: Yes, you need to do the assignment as it is written.

Q: I don’t want to work in groups. Is there another alternative to the group project? 

A: Nope.

Q: We have a group member who isn’t participating. What should we do? 

A: Read the firing policy in the syllabus and make a decision from there about how you’d like to move forward.

Q: I ran out of time to do my work for this course. Can I turn my assignment in late for partial credit? 

A: Unless you’ve already discussed an extension with me, probably not. See the syllabus for more information on what qualifies as an “excused” absence.

Q: Who wins in a war between zombies and unicorns? 

A: Unicorns. Always unicorns.