Group Evaluations


  • Compile all evaluations into one document (just copy and paste the form for each member)
  • Do not rate yourself
  • Do not forget to fill in the names of your group members!
  • DUE to D2L Dropbox on Saturday, August 8th in doc. docx or pdf format

GROUP MEMBER _________________________________


How well did this group member work to share ideas and develop the project? How well did this group member work to incorporate others’ opinions? Was this group member aware of the larger scope of the project (did they know what others were doing?)?

__________ (/30)


Did this group member answer group and individual communication promptly and attend any meetings you set (either in person or via Skype). How hard did this group member try to stay in touch during the project and keep up with the group’s progress?

__________ (/30)


Do you feel that this group member was open and honest in their interactions with the group? How well did the group member take responsibility for the tasks they were assigned? Did this group member complete tasks on time and to the standard the group set?

__________ (/40)

TOTAL: __________ (/100)