Basic Requirements

Length: Each part of the Linkedin Profile Checklist should be filled out. If you don’t “have” all of these things, don’t worry. 

Formatting: LinkedIn

Special Instructions: Submit your profile url to D2L Dropbox. (Make sure you know what your individual url is)

Required Reading and Resources

Required Reading


Exra Help

Need some help learning to do something on LinkedIn? “Up and Running with LinkedIn” by Justin Seeley can help. You don’t have to watch the whole course either! You’ll need to be logged into Lynda to view.

Project Instructions

  • Even if you have a profile already, chances are it needs some work, or at the very least a tune up. Make sure you follow all the directions on the checklist carefully.
  • If you don’t have a profile yet, create one and follow the checklist carefully.
  • Like your resume, your LI profile should be perfect from a sentence level perspective. It’s highly visible, so make sure you check and re-check for spelling and grammar.
  • It’s okay to elaborate more in your profile than on your resume, or to create a more narrative feel. This is your chance to say a bit more about yourself.
  • Make sure when you submit your profile url that you double check that your url goes to your actual profile. Sign out and then use your url to be sure. If your url isn’t correct, I cannot grade it.

Revision Options

Your LinkedIn profile is only eligible for revision if the Basic Requirements laid out in the assignment prompt have been completely fulfilled. Any failure to follow the directions may void your eligibility to revise. If your profile url is incorrect you will receive a failing grade on this assignment. 

Grading Rubric

Rhetorical Strategy:

How well have you identified and addressed your audience?

____ 25 (Pathos): Development of Personal Voice

  • How well are you conveying your authentic voice?
  • Is your summary personable and easy to understand?
  • How well are you using LinkedIn’s capacity for a more narrative experience (as opposed to a resume) to expand on your experiences and accomplishments, without sacrificing conciseness?

____ 25 (Ethos): Research and Style

  • How fluid is your copy?
  • How well edited is your copy?
  • How well tailored is your profile to the industry you’d like to go into/your general career goals?
  • Are you showing attention to concise writing without sacrificing voice?

____ 25 (Logos): Organization of Information and Document Design

  • How well are you using LinkedIn’s unique attributes (like image uploading and enhanced customization) to individualize your profile further than a typical resume?
  • How well are you prioritizing the most important information to make sure that it’s easily found?

Rhetorical Awareness:

How well have you addressed the project’s requirements and objectives?

____ 25