Resume Presentation


For this assignment, you will create a resume presentation that can stand alone and be added to your LinkedIn profile and Personal Website. This presentation will give you a chance to utilize the visual rhetoric you are developing alongside your personal brand and information from your resume to create a digital narrative that showcases your design abilities and your professional accomplishments. This will be another continuation of our quest to develop a cohesive visual branding strategy, as well as an opportunity to reinforce your professional writing voice.

Because we will take several weeks to develop the Resume Presentation you should be mindful about the way that you are using your visual brand “cues.” Your Resume Presentation should reflect the same kinds of colors, styles and images that you’re using in all of your application materials, especially your Personal Website.


  • To develop a usable resume presentation
  • To further the goals of your identity curation and personal branding choices in terms of both visual rhetoric and writing style


  • Length: A minimum of 20 slides
  • Format: Google Slides (start with blank slides. No themes!!)
  • Visual/Design: All images are crystal clear, with no pixelation and are either owned by you or are fair use images that you may legally use and modify for free
  • Delivery: Turn in your slides to D2L and your personal Drive folder for the Conference Bundle. In your final draft, you will include your resume presentation in your portfolio page on your Personal Website.



Above ALL else: START EARLY (yes, I’m shouting). This is a time consuming project. If you leave it to the last minute you will not only frustrate yourself, but you will likely do a poor job.

  1. Before you get started, scroll down and take a look at some of the exemplars I’ve linked. They’re all doable examples of what you can do with design to tell a story about yourself.
  2. Brainstorm what you’d like to say. What are your most interesting accomplishments and experiences? What are your professional goals? What expertise do you already have that companies will find valuable? These are the kinds of things that you should think about including in your narrative.
  3. Write your script in a Gdoc or Word document. Before you even open up Slides, write what you want to say in a document. I promise it will make things easier to edit because you’ll be able to easily get the “big picture” of your text. When your words are on slides to begin with, sometimes the “flow” of your narrative gets messed up.
  4. Find images and make them big to check for clarity. Your Mood Board should help with this! We don’t want any unnecessary pixelation.
  5. Find images that are okay to use. Do not simply Google for images that you like. You are required to use fair use images, or images that you own. The Resources page has lots of sources to help you out.
  6. Find images that match. You images need to match your words, whether that’s literal or by evoking a feeling, make sure you’re not using images that are simply decorative.
  7. Start with a blank slate. Do. Not. Use. A. Theme. Start with solid colored blank slides. White is fine. Black is fine. Think about Dave’s talks when you choose. Oversaturated primary colors are not as easily read, nor are they always professional looking. If you like bright colors, consider using them for emphasis, rather than background.
  8. Do not use more than 2 font types. More than this looks messy.
  9. Mess around with it. Workshop it. Get feedback from me and from Online Comp Hub, if you need it. This is a hard project to make picture perfect, so don’t get frustrated if it seems difficult.
  10. Embed it on your website’s portfolio page. I suggest using Slideshare, but there are other platforms you might like better.


This will be one of the most time consuming projects in this class. A 20 slide presentation can take anywhere from 10-20 hours to produce from script to design elements and edits. This is why we’re taking a multiple draft approach. If you don’t begin early, expect to receive a low grade. Effort shows when it comes to digital narratives like this one.


  • 3/7 due to D2L Dropbox


___ 25% Content Delivery: You have followed all assignment directions carefully. You have met all basic requirements.

___ 25% Content Quality: Your narrative is well thought out and understandable. It reflects both the visual rhetoric you’ve established as well as the professional writing voice you have developed all semester.

___ 25% Document Design: Your design is flawless. Every image is clear, every word is carefully placed. You have developed a coherent color scheme. You are using font to its best advantage. Your design reflects your branding strategy and goals for your identity curation/personal branding project, overall.

___ 25% Style: There are absolutely no grammar, punctuation, spelling, typographical mistakes. Even one mistake will result in a significant reduction of your grade.