Personal Branding Strategy and Online Audit

Basic Requirements

Length: Fill out all questions thoroughly and according to the questionnaire: PBSOA QUESTIONNAIRE

Formatting: Submit as a Word document

Required Reading and Resources

Required Reading


Project Instructions

  • The questionnaire for the PBSOA is located in a separate Word document for you to download and fill out
  • Fill out all questions on the questionnaire to the best of your ability
  • Submit your completed questionnaire to D2L Dropbox as a Word document

Revision Options

The PBSOA is graded pass/fail and cannot be revised. Follow all directions carefully to ensure that you pass the assignment.

Grading Rubric

The PBSOA is graded pass/fail. The PBSOA is a brainstorming and information gathering document. Putting in the effort to complete the work to a satisfactory level is what matters most. If you complete all questions as they are asked, you will pass.