Slide Deck


Something important to remember about slides (and that we often get wrong) is that slides are for our audience, not for us. Don’t use slides as the guide for what you will say during your presentation. That’s what notes are for. Create slides that guide your audience’s attention by keeping things simple.

Basic Requirements

Length: 15-30 slides – 25-30 minutes (there will be time for me to ask questions after)

Formatting: You may use any presentation platform you like, but you will submit your presentation to me as a PDF

Special Instructions:

  • Don’t crowd slides with text. Use text on slides to guide your audience’s attention.
  • Plan, in advance, how you will direct me to shift slides during the CC

Research/Presentation Topics

These are the topics you should research and present about. Each topic should be explicitly explained. They are also the topics you’ll present to your website readers, so you’ll be able to transfer a lot of the work you do here to your website.

Every one of these topics should be heavily researched and while you do not need to provide direct citations in your spoken presentation (unless you are quoting something directly) you need to provide that info on your website, so do the work here to make sure that information is already together. See Annotated Bibliography assignment for how to provide information about your research into these topics.

Remember: The following information is required, but you will want to incorporate an introduction, conclusion and smooth transitions between topics for an effective presentation! 

General Topic Information:

What Do Millennials Want?: Provide general information about what millennial job seekers and employees are looking for in terms of values, jobs and corporate culture.

Common Millennial Misconceptions/Stereotypes: What are some common misconceptions about millennials? *Remember to keep your tone neutral here. Any kind of condescending tone about “elders” will be cause for docked points.

Identifying Real Millennial Weaknesses: At the core of all millennial stereotypes are very real weaknesses. Identify what these are and what the causes are.

Combatting Millennial Stereotypes: How can millennials work to make sure they don’t fulfill the stereotypes about them with respect?

Field- Specific Information:

College Majors/Internships/Certifications: Provide information about what kinds of majors, internships and certifications people are commonly getting to work in the field you chose.

Jobs: Provide information about what kinds of jobs people are actually doing with the majors, internships and certifications you talked about above.

Best Places to Work: Provide information about the best places to work in your field in terms of the follow categories:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility:
    • Corporate Culture
    • Treatment of women and diverse populations
    • Environment and sustainability
    • Community involvement
  • Millennial Concerns
    • Address any specific millennial concerns here and the best places to work for those concerns
      • This could be stuff about time off, work from home, collaborative environments, etc.

Job Seeker Info: This information should be focused on how millennials can go about finding jobs in your field of choice.

  • Best networking/job search options. How can millennials best find jobs in this field?
  • Best resumes/resume tips for the field
  • Best cover letter tips for the field
  • Best interview tips for the field
  • Insider info — this is more general, but anything you find out about hiring or working in this field that seems important, but doesn’t fall into any of the above categories

Logistics and Branding:

During this part of your presentation you’ll be telling me about how you plan to present yourselves to the public. You can expect that I will have suggestions about how to improve these aspects of your project. 

Name and Tagline: What is your group’s website name and tagline? This should also be the title of your presentation.

  • You are required to have completed your website’s “shell” at the time of your call to show me how your brand identity is shaping up. This means that you should have worked to set your theme up, added in your logo, created a menu for your pages, etc.
  • You do NOT have to have your website copy prepared at this time

Brand Identity: Make sure to look at the Website Requirements to make sure you’re covering everything you’ll need here. In your presentation, you should be telling me why you made these choices. These reasons should be backed up with evidence if at all possible. 

  • Website theme: You will want to do an in depth search through WordPress’ many themes to find one that fits your group’s needs in terms of brand identity. Most of your design choices will depend on what your theme can do.
  • Logo: This can be as simple or difficult as you make it. There are lots of free logo design generators out there, but you can also make something in Canva, Picmonkey or any of the Adobe programs (if you have access and knowledge). Choose a method that works best for your group.
  • Color scheme: This will depend a lot on what your website theme can do. Remember Dave’s lectures on the pathos of color and neutral palettes.
  • Core images: From headers to page images, what do you plan to use to keep things cohesive?


  • What is your group’s mission statement? You’ll be providing this on your website as well.
  • What are the core values that your group holds in terms of this information and this project?


  • Who is the audience for your website? Get specific here about age, gender, socioeconomic details, education, etc. Yes, your audience is millennials, but which ones? It’s good to use research to back up your claims here. 
  • What kinds of branding choices are you making that specifically address your audience? Get really specific “Our logo appeals to our millennial audience X because …REASONS…” 


  • How do you want your audience to feel when they read your copy and look at your website? Get really specific about this. Tell me that you want them to feel that your group are things like, “approachable” “well informed” “cheerful” “positive” etc., and why you want them to feel this way about you. Tell me how this fits into your branding strategy.
  • What kinds of words, phrases and sentence styles do you plan to use to give your website the tone and perception you’re going for? What do you want people to associate with your brand?

Required Reading and Resources

Required Reading

Design Resources

3040 and Beyond Resource Library — LOTS OF FREE DESIGN RESOURCES! 

Project Instructions

  • Look at the Research/Presentation Topics and divide up the work between group members.
  • Complete research early, and fill out your part of the Annotated Bibliography.
  • Have a meeting to specifically discuss your research in your group. You should be clear on what everyone is planning to say and put into the website before any information goes outside the group. Competing or conflicting information is not acceptable and each group member should be familiar with the research being done overall. I may “test” you on this during the call if I feel that the group is not on the same page.
  • Create a Google doc that will serve as your group’s notes for your presentation. You should have a section for what will go on the corresponding slide, but also your own talking points. Do not do this in your slides. Create a document so that you can easily check for good flow of information and tight presentation structure.
  • Have a meeting dedicated to brand identity. You should be deciding what both your website and slides should look like in terms of images, colors, logos, fonts, etc. Your slides must reflect your website’s brand identity. I strongly suggest showing each other some examples of websites you like the “look” of and talking in detail about what you like and how you can replicate it.
  • Decide how you will create your slides and execute that plan.
  • Submit your slides to D2L Dropbox as a PDF file. Only one group member needs to do this.

Revision Options

Your slides are eligible for revision so long as the Basic Requirements have been fulfilled. Any failure to follow the directions may void your eligibility to revise.

Grading Rubric

This rubric will address the Conference Call Slides only

Rhetorical Strategy:

How well have you identified and addressed your audience?

____ 25 (Pathos): Development of Unified Voice

  • How well do your slides showcase the aspects of brand identity that you’re talking about in terms of how you want your audience to feel when they think of you?
  • Are you using the kinds of language in your slides that evokes the kinds of copy you’re talking about in your presentation?
  • How well unified are your slides in terms of tone? Do your slides appear to be written by one “Unified Voice”?

____ 50 (Logos) and (Ethos): Credibility and Professionalism

  • How are you boosting your credibility with your slide design? The more professional your slides look the better!
  • How well have you taken all of our design instruction into account in your slide design?
  • How well does your slide design match up with the info in your brand identity?
  • How meaningful is your slide design? (Do your values come through in your design? Your design does more than just “look cool”)
  • How well are your slides matching up with your website shell?

Rhetorical Awareness:

How well have you addressed the project’s requirements and objectives?

____ 25