Topic Choice Form


First and foremost, we want your branding to be as authentic as possible, so pick a topic you are all interested in and passionate about. You need to choose a specific industry to look at, though you might focus on a niche in the industry rather than the whole thing.

Here are a few examples to help you understand:

  • Picking “the fashion industry” would probably be too wide, but the shoe industry (or accessories, etc.) specifically, or certain “types” of fashion (boutique fashion, fast fashion, couture, etc.) would be better.
  • Picking the beverage industry would be too wide, but choosing a subset of the industry like coffee, tea or soda would help narrow things down.

Good project topics will have the following attributes:

  • Industry has a mix of good/bad CSR issues so you have complexity and interest in your topic. If your industry is “all good” or “all bad” you won’t have a balanced topic.
  • Each group member is in some way personally invested in the topic (don’t pick a topic because it is “easy” seeming). I strongly caution against picking a topic that you learned about in one of your CSR courses. I’m not sure why, but that often seems to go badly for groups.

Bad topics/industries

  • News media (television and internet, primarily- print could work)
  • Airline industry
  • Anything involving animals
  • Non-profits (CSR does not apply to non-profits, as it is a for-profit “theory”)
  • Car industry

Possible topic suggestions — These are very general, I would expect you to get more specific:

  • Food or Beverage Industries (not restaurants)
  • Men or Women’s professional sports
  • Fashion Industry (Clothing, shoes, etc.)
  • Beauty Industry
  • Print Publishing Industry (books, magazines, newspapers)
  • Outdoor/Fitness Industry
  • Other– really, these are just ideas, the rest is up to you!


  • 3/4 due to D2L Dropbox


Copy this form into a document, fill it out and turn it into its D2L Dropbox folder.







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10 major CSR issues (both good and bad):