Basic Requirements

You need the following basic pages, but you may call them whatever you like:

Static Front Page:

The primary purpose of this site is to deliver information, not to write a blog (though your site will have a blog feature, we’re considering that a part of your social media strategy). Create a front page that visually represents your brand and offers an introduction to your organization and clearly states your mission and the purpose for the site.

Basic Requirements:

  • 2 short paragraphs
    • This should include your mission statement
  • No unnecessary widgets or text

About Us Page:

This page should establish “who” the organization behind the website is. This is where you’ll personalize your organization’s brand and give it a human face.

Basic Requirements:

  • 1-2 paragraphs of general text explaining why this project is important your group
  • Introduce us to the contributors individually. A short bio is necessary and each group member should establish their personal investment in the project.

Blog Page:

Designate a place for your sample blog posts.

Informational Pages:

This is where you will provide the bulk of information for your readers. I suggest that you organized these pages into some kind of “parent”/”child” dropdown menu formation so things stay neat and tidy on your navigation menus. This organization is up to you to decide. Remember, the longer pages are, the less likely they are to be read fully.

General Topic Information:

What Do Millennials Want?: Provide general information about what millennial job seekers and employees are looking for in terms of values, jobs and corporate culture.

Length: 3-4 paragraphs, use frequent headings and bulleted lists when necessary

Common Millennial Misconceptions/Stereotypes: What are some common misconceptions about millennials? *Remember to keep your tone neutral here. Any kind of condescending tone about “elders” will be cause for docked points.

Length: 2-3 paragraphs, use frequent headings and bulleted lists when necessary

Identifying Real Millennial Weaknesses: At the core of all millennial stereotypes are very real weaknesses. Identify what these are and what the causes are.

Length: 2-3 paragraphs, use frequent headings and bulleted lists when necessary

Combatting Millennial Stereotypes: How can millennials work to make sure they don’t fulfill the stereotypes about them with respect? You might consider matching up your information on weaknesses and combatting stereotypes.

Length: 2-3 paragraphs, use frequent headings and bulleted lists when necessary

Field- Specific Information:

College Majors/Internships/Certifications:

Provide information about what kinds of majors, internships and certifications people are commonly getting to work in the field you chose.

Length: 3-4 paragraphs, use frequent headings and bulleted lists when necessary


Provide information about what kinds of jobs people are actually doing with the majors, internships and certifications you talked about above.

Length: 3-4 paragraphs, use frequent headings and bulleted lists when necessary

Best Places to Work:

Provide information about the best places to work in your field in terms of the follow categories:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility:
    • Corporate Culture
    • Treatment of women and diverse populations
    • Environment and sustainability
    • Community involvement
  • Millennial Concerns
    • Address any specific millennial concerns here and the best places to work for those concerns
      • This could be stuff about time off, work from home, collaborative environments, etc.

Length: Discuss the top 10 companies to work for in your field.

I suggest creating an introduction and then a list of some kind. You could organized it by concerns or by company. Do what feels best for you.

Job Seeker Info:

This information should be focused on how millennials can go about finding jobs in your field of choice.

  • Best networking/job search options. How can millennials best find jobs in this field?
  • Best resumes/resume tips for the field
  • Best cover letter tips for the field
  • Best interview tips for the field
  • Insider info — this is more general, but anything you find out about hiring or working in this field that seems important, but doesn’t fall into any of the above categories

Length: 6-8 paragraphs, use frequent headings and bulleted lists when necessary. I

Resource Page:

Create a page full of links to reading and various resources that millennial job seekers in your field might find to be the most useful. Feel free to use information from you bibliography here, as well as other resources.

Length: Minimum of 30 resources*

*Organize these resources into appropriate topics. Do not create a giant list with no organization.

Required Reading and Resources

Required Reading


Need some extra help with WordPress? “WordPress Essential Training” with Morten Rand-Hendricksen has great videos for almost every WordPress question. You don’t have to watch the whole course to get some help, just choose the one that applies to your question!

Project Instructions

  • One person should create a new WordPress site using the “create new site” function. Add your site to your existing account, don’t create a new site from scratch.
  • Create a url that includes your group’s branded name.
  • Invite each group member to be an administrator so that everyone can contribute equally. Do not create a username and password for the account. I need to be able to see that each of your blog posts are attached to your username to give you credit.
  • Customize your site to incorporate your brand identity.
  • Divide up the work (you will probably have done this already in terms of research and writing when you worked on your CC Presentation).
  • Write your copy and publish it on the blog. Edit, edit, edit to make sure it’s perfect.
  • Write your individual sample blog post and publish it.
  • Submit your site’s url to D2L Dropbox. Only one person needs to do this.

Revision Options

The Website is eligible for revision. All Basic Requirements must be met for the Website to be eligible for a revision. Any failure to follow the directions may result in a failing grade.

Grading Rubric

Reminder: this is a group grade.

Rhetorical Strategy:

How well have you identified and addressed your audience?

____ 25 (Pathos): Development of Unified Voice

  • Your website is formatted consistently
  • Your website copy sounds as though one person wrote it
  • Your website copy matches the values and brand identity you discussed in your conference call

____ 25 (Ethos): Research and Style

  • Your copy is well researched and provides evidence for readers to refer to
  • Your resources page is well organized and complete

____ 25 (Logos): Organization of Information and Document Design

  • Your copy is well organized and easy to follow
  • Your navigation menus are prominent and easy to use
  • Your front page draws the reader in
  • Your logo is displayed clearly, without pixellation
  • All of your images are fair use, clear, and are consistently formatted
  • Your color scheme is professional
  • Your brand identity is expressed in your design style
  • Your website is free of extraneous widgets, “likes and shares” and “Leave a Reply”

Rhetorical Awareness:

How well have you addressed the project’s requirements and objectives?

____ 25